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  1. Lazaro Christopher

    So its too old to see

  2. FanofMarthaStewart

    I had visited Zhuhai last year and it looked better in reality  than in this camera. There were so much more new developments and new places than when I was there in 2009. The city's sea is always yellow because the harbor is shallow and the sand in the seabed makes it yellow. Zhuzhiang (Pearl River)  flows in there carrying lots of sand and mud downstream and sure,  possibly pollution.  But it was not much more yellowish than it was when I was a kid.  It never had blue water like Hong Kong for geological reasons. To barakquiel  gosh who says the buildings are all made of paper in Zhuhai, well, I suggest him to come live here in the USA and see how houses made of paper are really like.  I can literally hear my next door neighbor taking a dump when I am in my bedroom.   I am planning to move to Zhuhai or the new open zone in Huangqian in the future.  I really don't like the USA because the quality of life here sucks but Americans like my husband are living with their heads buried in the sand because they don't go out see the world that much.

  3. yong wang


  4. yong wang


  5. RON CH

    it's the camera's problem. ZhuHai maybe the most cleanest city in China.

  6. barakquiel gosh

    all made of paper careful..

  7. Zheng Youlai


  8. baird55aus

    The big resort complex at the end is called Ocean Spring. it is impressive.

  9. baird55aus

    Zhuhai is quite a nice city. It has plenty of room unlike a lot of Chinese cities. it even has a rule covering the amount of open space per person (around 29 sq metres I think). I used to live in a town that was part of Zhuhai City and also in Shenzhen.

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