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  1. Andrew Lai Esq

    Believe or not, guys, China this time is the good guy. The protestors in HK are not going for democracy but vandalism and destruction and are not willing to put up any real respectful and sincere efforts to make HK a better place. Sad to see my beloved NBA took the wrong side to stand with this time.

  2. fullmetalninjaX20

    Free Hong Kong!!!

  3. 張弓長

    滿場耶!! NBA發大財

  4. 周子晟

    Zhina, who has sex with his mother. He will also applaud

  5. Abu M

    It's simple. You wont say that you support Muslim to eat pork, and to say you like to read Hitler's book in Germany right? Particularly when you need to earn their money.

  6. Abu M

    HK is not pro democracy protest, they try to separate HK with China. That's why Chinese people feel offended. Anyway, HK is no longer protesters but rioters, they almost distroyed that city.

  7. ดําริ รินวงษ์


  8. Nelly Coerts

    It should be CCP cut ties with NBA

  9. Robert Gonzalez


  10. Michael Oberst

    I stand for freedom. I stand with Hong Kong!

    Down with the NBA!!! Completely disgusting that the NBA bends the knee to China. Disgusting

  11. quang trieu minh

    CNBA that's stupid

  12. J

    China should abandon basketball & promote and adopt soccer . Soccer is world number one sport not basketball

  13. LaughingSeraphim

    I have no use for the NBA now. It's pathetic.

  14. Gary McAleer

    A little calm for our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong: youtube.com/watch?v=fLQg_z9W850

  15. Ducky Darkstar

    Sum ting is wong here

  16. Kimble Carl

    So Americans’ Constitutional RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH STOPS at anything China doesn’t want us to say? I don’t think so. I support the freedom fighters in Hong Kong and nobody can stop me from saying so. God bless America.

  17. Love AndLight

    you guys have to understand something when these people in China hear that their government is not happy and they follow their government and they do what the government wants to do the and they support the government the government's watching every tiny move they make and if they support the government they get more points because there are a number now they're not a name and when they get more points towards their number and it gets higher they get free food go to restaurants free travel they can fly on a flight maybe they couldn't fly before take a taxi user phone have internet live they can live better this is how China Works these people are only doing what they have to do to live normal in the only way that works for them is submitting their selves to the government it's awful it's just terrible and they'll never own property ever it's sad that we have countries in this world that treat people like they are trained animals

  18. Stoned Prophet


  19. Nikki Jackson

    Free Hong Kong!!!

  20. NM Cats and Dogs

    There's a reason why China does not allow foreigners to invest in their companies. Maybe American companies need to start thinking the same way. No way foreign countries should have this much clout in our companies.

  21. Aodh buí Mac an Ridrí

    Commies OUT! Boycott Chinese products


    Who cares. Stop appeasing these socialists.

  23. William Singht

    "pro-democracy" is a lie. Otherwise any rioters, gangs, revolts can be marked with this word. What's the problem to intervene to inner USA situation with the same propaganda agenda when we are talking about Los Angeles 1992, or ANTIFA protests? But nobody did it

  24. D



    money is greater than freedom 🤔

  26. 祖宗呆湾螂

    They think that computers, mobile phones, the Internet, Android, Microsoft, Hollywood, NBA, KFC, Starbucks, fried chicken and French cola water, Marvel DC superheroes are all given to us by developed countries. They don't understand, an ordinary Chinese can sit happily on the sofa anytime, anywhere, eating French fries and drinking Coke, watching the NBA, what is it? Because your country is strong enough and stable enough, they have to do business with us, talk about buying and selling, instead of throwing missiles directly on your head.

    Those stupid people are easily moved by a few empty slogans on the tall, and the value of some commercial packaging is regarded as their own "belief". It is full of blood and tears, but forgets that their true roots are where! Look at Ukraine, look at Iraq, look at the world, the truth is only a layer of paper from you.

    Where is the US terrible? Terrible, they did so many terrible things, after the Second World War, they launched the most wars, killed the most living creatures, exploited the whole world, monitored the whole world, sold chaos and hatred, but others anointed them and put them It is likened to the "incarnation of freedom and justice", which makes everyone want to go.

    Wake up, if you don't have the motherland, the Stars and Stripes and the Statue of Liberty will not protect your safety. NBA and Hollywood will not give you food. Everything you once worshipped will not give you respect as a "person."

  27. kaybee65

    They are not pro-democracy protesters, they are separatist terrorist. HK residents enjoy more freedom than USA. They ranked #3 in human freedom index while USA ranked #17. They want to separate from China, they're shouting revolution. Is this look like peaceful protest?

  28. gaurav bhagat bhagat

    But we indian baycot china product for support of free Hong Kong movement love from India

  29. Eric Tan

    China is a big bully!

  30. luthervaughn1

    Just a bunch of lying virtue signalers. Hate to say it, but Trump was right. Most of the U.S. are brainwashed by global media.

  31. Darth Alba


  32. John Cicero

    Shrug NBA mise well move on over to china enjoy that social score.

  33. Na Na

    Death to pure evil Communist China! Life to Hong Kong heading toward Utopia!!!!

  34. Hugo Valdez

    1:44 Chinese dude bored, sleeping 😴

  35. Mr. S308

    hong kong is not China, don't @ me

  36. Donald Ducko

    Oh well. Do these same social justice warrior athletes who kneel over here also kneel when in China over human rights?

    Of course they don’t. #PhuckTheNBA

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