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  1. goprocbr

    Gordon Chang on suicide watch…

  2. Grace Gisel

    China will not buy agricultural goods from the USA. They buy them from Russia, cheaper and not monsantoed.

  3. Dan D

    If he is a real "hawk", he should say burn your bras and underwears, because they are all made in China.

  4. Ethan

    This is a alt-left media don't let them brainwash you.

  5. One Drone Pilot

    What else is in the bag…?

  6. Larry D Ragland Jr

    Phase 1? 🤣

  7. Karan Adkins

    Why are we dealing with China, they are playing war games with Russia and Iran. Do you think they are on our side.

  8. Michael Dallas

    Fake news. Bloomberg is an enemy of the United States.

  9. Uriel Salas

    Not going to happen.

  10. Sal S

    I love their food 🤪

  11. Om Namah Shivaya

    The religion disaster explained

  12. RobertBobby PelletreauJr

    This a good thing. All trade should be as fair as possible. As an American i see how we went from the manufacturing capacities of World War 2 to the times when a company leaving can destroy a whole town. The thing called the Rust Belt serves as a memorial and a reminder of what happens when you sellout your fellow countrymen/countrywomen.

  13. Jerome Lund

    Chasing the dragon…

  14. The Most High

    I love desperation money

  15. Patricia Ashley

    Stop Moving You Hands. It Looks Foolish.

  16. danielangel vega

    I feel horrible commenting this ,but..but..but then I dont (prepare to have your reality warped!!!! Trump and Putin, have the same type of eyes,eyes you only see on a person with down syndrome (that's the horrible part) almost as if they both been practicing for the Special Olympics ….OMG ,I hope Trump doesn't embarrass America by chewing the hurtles in lane 6🧠💥🤔

  17. Terrence P. Urbanis

    If true, and the dictator President of China cannot make the trip to the signing, then VP Pence should sign for the US.

  18. Juinor Persaud

    Is this an old video ? 👈👉🐺 👈Bolton is there 👁was he fired or not 🐍🙈🙊🙉👹🔥

  19. E T

    Yeah iight ! Blue face voice

  20. Arnold Davis

    How can he do anything while playing golf a quarter of the president time

  21. Anthony D.

    Chinese trolls all through this thread.

  22. Trag 1804

    China is a dangerous devil to dance with.

  23. Ali Qazilbash

    Mubarak hoon

  24. Aa Ron

    Trump 2020!KAG
    Support from China!

  25. river bill

    the women that smile too much

  26. Tim M

    Is this going to be like the wall, Hillary getting arrested, or North Korea? "Promises made"

  27. Michael Newell

    No deals in the bag when it comes to scumbag Trump!

  28. Spectral lim

    LOL ….. it'll be done when they stop yakking. The more they talk about it, the further it is.

  29. Axlerod Horowitz

    Only deal in this story is Melania gettin fucked by Canada’s President, look at the pics, she wants some Canadian cock, not some shriveled up fat old man with a fake tan and a comb over.

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