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  1. Dan Moua

    Wait so, basically games n amazing songs with beautiful women n handsome man with long hair n amazing robes are fake n are only fan arted? (For example Jade Dynasty Robes)…

  2. Happiness is Kpop

    I wish South Africa's History was as cool as China's

  3. zee zee

    I love Ming dynasty clothing amongst all other dynasty

  4. Lace Covered Skies

    Can you guys talk about fashions from Chinese movies like Return of the Condor of Heroes? Not just fashion but lifestyle! Love your videos!

  5. howinbobo


  6. Scroll Searcher

    Tang dynasty wins… Yeah!!!

  7. Diamondsrule1


  8. A Dodo

    Doesn't Beizi mean cup so a cup style?

  9. omi_ever

    A lot of doctors also say wearing no heels can be as harmful as high heels. In fact, older men can develop the flat feet syndrome, an illness caused by wearing no heels

  10. katelyn kickbutt

    Greatings for mongolia
    One great thing about del(Mongolian clothing) is that it acts like a thermos. It keeps you warm but not too hot at a stable temperature so you wouldn't be cold at night nor hot during the day. This is because of the nomadic culture of th Mongols

  11. Iris white

    When you leave out Chinese foot binding

  12. Bibi Younessian

    I literally love you two so much, you make me laugh so hard.
    Any other women getting bent out of shape from their jokes can leave. These guys are great.

  13. Rose S

    LOL, love the note they ended on. Probably the most genuine thing he said the whole video, "There's some creepy posts on the internet about that stuff."

  14. Ezen-Hartt Jonathan Iberion

    God whip. Hahaha

  15. Han Fu

    The Qing dynasty is the racist discrimination of the Han chinese by the Manchus (tungus). just like if you force the Jews to eat pork, they say no, the Chinese Han will be killed by the Manchus. now there are a lot of chinese Han people, against the Manchu cheongsam, because it is a racial insult!

  16. Snow Pearl

    I actually like the qipao…

  17. Gfriend Only

    Yuan dynasty clothes looks complicated

  18. Korean Emperor

    Qing dynasty and its culture and clothing were despised by every civilisation in the East and the West.

  19. Korean Emperor

    I note that Korean Josun dynasty's male dressing is identical to Chinese Ming dynasty's, while Korean female dressing is not the same as any of the Chinese female dresses.

  20. Luna AngelEclipse

    I guess the western equivalent to foot binding would be corsets. Thank god we left both things behind.

  21. Otousan Quins

    I love Qing Dynasty,'s fashion ( basing on the dramas I've seen ) and nothing could change that.

  22. Carlo Oliver Olayta

    I love the Song, Han and Qing Dynasty fashion…except fo the queue hairstyle 😍

  23. mo yuan


  24. miss unknown

    Cool video very interesting 👍

  25. Bernard's Channel

    You didn't do much about men's fashion during the qin dynasty.

  26. TheGreat Destroyer

    what's the background music's title?

  27. Marilyn Brown

    i loved this show i beg you to make another one .

  28. 小喬


  29. Chiran Flint

    Tang has the best fashion taste ever
    Love this Dynasty

  30. 明明夏

    qipao is a disgusting piece of crap

  31. tj t

    Qing ruined everything.

  32. Char-Lee Wiebe

    When the Pokemon were coming into into creation were they bases on Asian or Chinese or Japanese demons?

  33. utuberocks34342135

    It may sound odd but the Chinese attire I like the most are the grey robes of Shaolin monks.

    Not only do they look cool but they also are very comfortable and practical for everyday life.

    Too bad they are worn by monks only and not by the laity (common man).

  34. Jhon Noel Ybañez

    I dont like the fashion in qing dynasty..ming dynasty same fashion in joseon dynasty

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