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  1. Ping Yen Tan

    Whaf are the benefits of feet cupping ? 🤔

  2. The Bat Prince

    This guy is the biggest waste of space.

  3. A-Train Travels


  4. Heroe 4hire

    The problem with the western mentality is rooted in the conscious. If you do not see a deep state of relaxation as a form of healing then it says a lot about your mental health.

  5. tobi israel

    This would be a year next tomorrow

  6. Lacy Montac

    Could you do one again and at least show how they massage the soles and what body part it relates too? This shop looked a little too small for proper filming..

  7. Natesh Mayuranathan

    Would have been $1 in Siem Reap!

  8. Tibet Wangmo


  9. Wetdookie

    Always liked Chinese alternative healing methods. I like their belief in using natural ways of healing the body.
    In western societies, they just give you a bunch of pills.

  10. Shulin Wan


  11. chrisc4u

    Everyone in the video is about to bust out laughing. What's so funny? I don't get it.

  12. Tam B

    I had this done while I was in Shanghai not too long ago. what is in that tea and I want to know what oil. My feet were soft for weeks. I cannot wait to have this done when I go back this year.

  13. KaKas


  14. Frankie

    Hey kevin. I'm a massage therapist and yes reflexology is relaxing but man people love getting their feet and back worked on. Have you tried Thai foot massage? It's pretty intense!!

  15. Vincent Agnes

    if only im there i could give you a whole body massage for FREE!

  16. DoubleLow7

    Bruh where have you been?! We miss yo ugly ass! Make some more videos.

  17. Justin Flynn

    "CHI" (yea I'm spellin' it 'merican) is an actual THING.
    It is the electricity ("bio-electricty") that naturally occurs in the body.

    So don't sound so condescending when you say it please, eh?

  18. John Zhang

    Yeah  Kevin, you look so grown up now…

  19. Alex XU


  20. Daemon aoides

    make more videos…..of everything tea–shopping–dry mushrooms..soups..health..massages yeahh….hikes…incense and joy-happiness-lots of money……and everything

  21. Tick Tock

    你去的这家店提供大保健服务吗? Lol

  22. CharlieBriggsUK

    Hey Kevin, I sent a message through your blog contact page but it probably doesn't work very well, so hopefully this! Basically in a nutshell: thanks a lot for all your great info you put out there re. China. I'm on the verge of signing a contract for doing ESL in a good uni in Xi'an. However, I've become concerned about pollution levels. I'm very similar to you in terms of outdoor calisthenics habits. From what I understand, Xi'an is defo not the worst but it can have pretty bad AQI months. I'm researching other possibilities in smaller areas (similar thinking to when you did Rizhao). What do you think? And how are you finding exercising in Shanghai? Your insight would be massively helpful, cheers!! (And anyone else of course feel free to add anything!)

  23. Rob Chi

    Are you from Texas originally?coz ur accent sounds really like my Texas English teacher.

  24. Gary

    what happened dude why did you stop posting videos 🙁

  25. kenken3000

    You seemed relaxed in the video. Had you felt any pain? Mine was a painful one.

  26. Crazy Wizard Pyro

    Thanks for good video ! Damn i wanna try this massage 😀

  27. Di Wu

    I miss the foot massage a lot and the price! cant wait to go back to china next summer! Btw i really appreciate that you live like a local in china and you would like to experience those most typical things! I hope you start to love my country or you already did 🙂 Greetings from Spain

  28. World Traveler东北

    good stuff kevin! long time no see! agreed. I'm not so sure about all the said benefits, but it is relaxing and feels good after a long day on your feet.

  29. 林书豪

    Kevin, glad you finally emerged from long time absence of youtube 🙂 Just want to make one correction: Foot Massage is not really long Chinese tradition or culture. China has no foot massage in past, it only became popular in the later 90s because people from Hong Kong demand it in S. China. All those chart you saw on the wall is nothing but some fancy drawing from god knows who. In anyway, it is always relaxing to get one regardless whatever effect it has on you. I always took one when I do a long fly to China.

  30. Lizzy Zhang

    I had a foot massage in NY Chinatown last month=)

  31. Lizzy Zhang

    hahahahahhahah this is hilarious.

  32. Yingying Lin

    I miss foot massage in China. It's so relaxing.

  33. Cosmo Xue

    Welcome back Kevin!

  34. FatSongProduction

    $7? Nice. I love it when I am traveling in Asia and stuff are so cheap with great service. I went to Japan last year and I was again surprised by food prices compared to here in Canada. $7 is way nicer than $80 here in CDN..

  35. Ferment Yung

    Man, you disappeared for long.

  36. TC Cheung

    long time no see : )

  37. Belle Tolentino

    Oh I've missed you man, more food vlogs!!

  38. Donke

    Wow great to see you back Kevin!

  39. Susan Brooks

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOURE BACK🙌🙌 I missed you so much and your videos. Please keep it up 💖

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