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  1. Leo Dantes

    The result of not honoring and complying the one country two systems you lying fucking idiot! Leave Hongkong to be Hongkong you moron evil criminal forced organs harvesters murderers to the millions CCP mafia gangsters! Fight back Hongkong! Long live the Resistance!

  2. n.g h.h

    It would be nice if the police use live bullets if property re burned down by the rioters.

  3. stepsvideos

    The faces of these Chinese officials betray their non existent soul. For a glimmer of hope, purge Xi.

  4. Eddie Hui

    This old man looks like he is on drugs, look so stupid to me, asshole go kiss xi’s ass

  5. Ben Wong

    YEAH!!!! Beijing, leave HK alone! Let HKers vote for their own leaders!!!! This Foreign Minister and the rest of them are wooden puppets of dictator Xi!

  6. carzyscenctist

    Wang Yi is full of crap

  7. Derp Trolling

    He looks like Guan Yu

  8. Ethen Huang

    Yes, the police and the CCP should be held responsible for their barbaric methods. And while you’re at it, how about honouring your treaty obligations that supposedly gives HK the ability to elect whomever they want instead of your current rigged system?

  9. 殺它死

    all these movements are funded by SOROS'S NED…

  10. GOOGLE: Andrew Yang 2020

    Let Hong Kong people vote for their leaders then dammit! If not they have the right to protest

  11. Jia

    1 . western forces played a shameful role in this riot in HK .
    2. besides this , rich class in HK also played a disgusting role that encourage young people to engage in this riot by giving them money , by distorting facts using their media resources .
    The reason why rich class are against the extradition bill is that their wealth is not clean , they are worried that they might be extradited to Mailand to trial .
    3. Education system in HK is also sick , which in some way is also funded by rich class , they demonize China , and lead young people to think it is a shame to be a chinese ,
    the hisotry book in HK is written by an institition funded by a u.s company which is funded by NED.
    4. u.s also agaisnt this extradition bill ,because for years , they have made HK an anti-China base , with all the CIA agents there , with all the anti-China medias there , with all the education system there …………………….

  12. Aaron Humphrey

    So glad the world realizes that Hong Kong is no longer great to do business with. India is the future of the world anyways, not China! ♥️🇮🇳 Statistics show in 25 years India will have more GDP than China and the USA combined! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  13. Wayne Tu

    Chinese mainland are grasshopper it’s the most popular desiese is killing peoples lives!!!! Hong Kong peoples n Taiwan 🇹🇼 doesn’t wants be part of the grasshopper cry outs loud!!!!

  14. 漢仔

    Historians always talk about the bloody and barbaric way of the west . Now , it is your turn to learn a lesson or two or I dk how many . In fact, the lesson has never been stopped. It's just the lesson that u are are facing now are more severe since US fear of u has gone uncontrollable. Be careful.

  15. P e a c e

    Chế độ CỘNG SẢN china VÔ LƯƠNG tàn độc mổ cắp NỘI TẠNG chính người dân China ác hơn QUỶ DỮ chắc chắn sụp đổ bởi người dân Hongkong +Taiwan +Vietnam +Japan +Singapore +Philipin +1tỷ 3trăm triệu dân China yêu TỰ DO DÂN CHỦ cùng Mỹ và các nước đồng minh Anh Pháp Nhật Hàn Ấn Độ philippin Đài Loan "nội công ngoại kích" đánh chết mẹ thằng chó CẨU tạp CHỦNG tầu cộng Tập cẩu Bình thành CẨU TẠP NHẠP lun ok bà con..

  16. 123OGNIAN

    Fuck him and his CCP overlords..

  17. snuffythebloatedbat

    go fuck your self you abductor of muslims

  18. slpip

    China foreign minister slams China violence in Hong Kong. Arrest Carrie Lam for Treason of China. You can lie to China people but you cannot lie to the world and Hong Kong people. Chia is the ISIS of Asia. Down CCP China!

  19. Kevin Sellers

    Lemon is a lie. Ur in line. Don't worry

  20. Kevin Sellers

    I'm just learning about the 2 systems

  21. Kevin Sellers

    I know it's crazy. I never seen anything like this. We have to get this undercontrol

  22. Ngiap En Hiong

    Whats the use of slamming violence in HK; do something about it. Damn it !

  23. MT R

    Say it as it is….it is violence.

  24. Wayne Tu

    The whole world hates China period

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