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  1. Clarissa Plantado


  2. kabol habbi

    just thinking about my x chinese girlfriend school time her eyes beautiful cool an she smile
    miss philippine

  3. 초초

    I'm Korean
    There are many racists
    I wonder what environment they grew up in
    Maybe a psychopath?
    Or did you grow up unloved?
    And why do you like big eyes?
    Not everyone is pretty because they have big eyes, right?

  4. JustÆpicBoy

    At the end she thinks looking pretty😂😂😂

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  6. Susan Mills

    some american have small eyes 2 and not all chinese have small eyes so STOP being so mean and rude and get a life

  7. BearZhang Little

    @JazzShowStopper 1.it is a stupid question2.not all chinese girls have small eyes,mostly r big,for example ->me.3.chinese girls have 2 different eyes.

  8. LiverpoolHell666

    @sizzy6967 I think this is a lovely make up tutorial! i have a Bond Theme 21st on friday and i bought a chinese dress as a few bond girls from the originals where Chinese and Japanese, the dress is beautiful as all of the Chinese dresses are and i needed a makeup tutorial thank you for putting it up 😀

  9. Sabel Velasco

    @heathersvan hi Heather, hmmn, well, I am not a Chinese (though I look like one), but if make up is your passion and your are just translating your own vesion of art, I don't see anything wrong with you doing Milan look even if you're white.. ^__^ will look forward to your vid.. =) post it as a response here..haha!

  10. trido1986

    please use photoshop…so i can eat and watch

  11. Mir Fatima Zhora

    can i ask one thing why do chinese girlz have small eyez o gog really ugly ha small sysz

  12. Sabel Velasco

    @XxNekogirl888xX thank you! <3

  13. Sabel Velasco

    @jhonwil014 hello..its a mac replica brush set.. I bought from this seller: cgi.ebay.ph/kym-M-A-C-24-PCS-MAKE-UP-BRUSH-SET-/400226473347?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_211&hash=item5d2f5b5583

  14. aizza carmela

    hi sis… may i ask what brushes did you use in this video?

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