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  1. India In Details

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  2. Venugopal B K

    We have been highlighting the Tajmahal as if other than this there is nothing worth sightseeing, for instance, there are numerous temples in TN which are wonders in its architects, which have not been given wide publicity by media or govt for various reasons, Millions visit Efel tower in Paris, which is just a metallic structure helps earn revenue ,is due to its glorification by the western media

  3. Dogga S Naidu


  4. Mukesh Kumar

    Carolina mam you are awesome as your video keep it up

  5. Manish Shinde

    Jai hind jai Poland

  6. rajib chakroborthy

    We dont beleave chineese trade war china in trouble so they talking this tone

  7. vishal patil

    We have non alignment policy



  9. sasi dharan


  10. vishal patil

    Thank you karolina goswami for promoting india

  11. vipul verma

    only hindu psychology and ayurveda can tackle any world problem and any disease follow sadhguru and randev you will understand….

  12. Brown-Pride

    Doklam was an indian victory and chinese defeat, regardless of how they try to spin it.

  13. MrAmsterdamcity1

    Chinese tourists don't have a good reputation.

  14. T. Prashanth

    Compare INDIA and china.

  15. ankit kumar


  16. Journey Prajapati

    Ur guessing so right

  17. Terrestrial Goldfish

    China only takes.

  18. S Kan

    China has been torturing its Muslim population
    However Imran khan does not talk about it because China is his friend
    And in India we love our Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters and their population has grown significantly and yet we are criticized
    I hope people realise all this and be very thankful for a country like India

  19. sonukumar dubey

    Jay Shree Krishna
    My Dear Lovely Sister ji

  20. Tore Foncello

    Karolina da stamattina che sei a aspetta ma non tio seguito perché ormai fai da te e per tutti

  21. Nikhil Kumar

    India China

  22. Sahil Sharma


  23. Sahil Sharma

    God Bless you Karolina & your family

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