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  1. thunderbird vg

    How do you take care of the 3jiaos? Can you stimulate them in any way?

  2. K Weston

    Thank you. I generally seek care givers who practice Chinese medicine or at least are knowledgeable and supportive of it, but I am only beginning to study some of the terms used. I appreciate your explaining this on a basic level that novices can understand.

  3. gwandao

    Sorry but to me Chinese Medicine is complete rubbish. All of this and Chi was long before the Chinese had a thorough understanding of the body. There was no knowledge of the circulatory or nervous system (dermatomes, nerves or sensory fibres) at all or that of anything else for that matter other then what was observed through di-sections. It was the Science of the day. Acupuncture points can for example be explained as nerve points or myoneural junctions. It's just rubbish.

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