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  1. Della Marie

    I have never yearned to take a huge bite of kale 🥬 Love the video, but that kale part made me belly laugh 😆

  2. Crystal Price

    Thank you

  3. Nancy Eileen

    Hi I want to thank you for responding to my question and as I learned more from what you said I want to add that I use Apple cider vinegar/ water almost daily because it helps balance me out as I have Fibromyalgia and I read online in medical studies that it balances out PH level in the human body and when that is unbalanced we tend to get sick with colds, flu etc.,!! Also, it is used to help lessen bad bacteria for bladder infections and can make a person better with them which I have yet to try!! Thank you and looking forward to more videos on Chinese animal information in people’s chart!!! Appreciate your video’s💯👍

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