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  1. adriana

    Hi Doctor. I am still trying to make my way to your clinic. In the meantime, please note that I have recommended you to many people on the Thyroid Groups. Thanks for your holistic knowledege!!!!

  2. Molly Moko

    Interesting POV… My thyroid pain has gotten worse ever since I started contraceptive hormone pills again… I wonder if that has some relations to it..

  3. Lorica Lass

    See thyroid info from Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Bob Mario. TCM can be great, but it is often based off of ancient practices and observances which do not include new scientific info. For example the early practitioners of TCM had no way to check iodine deficiencies. The thyroid runs off of iodine and that is generally not found at healthy levels in people's current diets. Furthermore, bromine is now sprayed on produce, and that is harmful to the thyroid. It's not just about stress!

    Hypothyroidism is also often under diagnosed. See stopthethyroidmadness.com for symptoms and helps.
    Personally, I take Thyrogold, off the net. As that site says, Synthroid sucks big time and Armor isn't great, either.

  4. LuLu

    It's day 5 of taking Chinese herbal medicine for hypothyroidism. But my thyroid is getting worse, I feel a lump in my throat and it's hard to breath. Is this normal and it will get better, or does that mean it's not working for me? I'm scared, and don't know what to do please help:(

  5. Skyler Calhoun

    My sister was diagnosed with having hypothyroidism but wasn`t bad enough to get meds. After the loss of our insurance, her condition worsened. I tried this hypothyroidism solution “Wοzο†ο nazu” (Google it) to help my sister and she told me how amazing the solution is. She has much more energy, her metabolism increased significantly.

  6. Canapé lit

    What about hypothyroidism that is not Hashimoto? My thyroid has been damaged by an infection, could TCM help me get better?

  7. Auden Albright

    Utilizing this hypothyroidism solution “Wοzο†ο nazu” (Google it) had made me feel a lot better. Overall I`m feeling much more healthy. My level of energy is more consistent as well as mentally I’m clearer and have gotten back a lot of the organizational abilities that I did not even know had diminished.

  8. Salem Wagner

    I found hypothyroidism solution “Wοzο†ο nazu” (Google it) and followed all the advice. I have noticed some huge enhancements. I am doing rather well, better than I thought I ever could! I`m sleeping so much better… I am feeling so much better and can manage my health condition.

  9. Skyler Calhoun

    My sister was experiencing hypothyroidism. She did not take any medications since her condition was not severe. We lost insurance and she got a lot worse. I discovered this hypothyroidism solution “numza hope space” (Google it) hoping they would help and she says they`re a "Miracle". She has much more energy, her metabolism increased considerably.

  10. ingrid

    Hello. I have 2 thyroid nodules, both hypervascular. Do I need a FNA? or can I treat this with Chinese herbs? which is what I want to try. Please respond Dr. Liang. I am beginning my Chinese herbal treatment this week.

  11. Nikki Lee

    My doctor said I have a benign thyroid problem…is there a natural Chinese herbal out there that I can purchase to help with it…I drink lots of tea on a daily basis and of course my diet consist primary of vegetables and some chicken but mostly tofu.

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