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    Amazing what program do you recomend…DOAM/DTcM?

  2. shahrazan isa

    I am really confused because high blood pressure destroys the kidney which means you will have to reduce your salt intake.

  3. Brooke Stephenson

    Hey can you breakdown more in detail what some of those warming teas, meats and veggies are. I also have a spleen qi deficiency and am always looking for new ways to stay creative in the kitchen (without craving sugar)

  4. Retro Gamer

    your missing the emotion part. If your not balanced you'll be irritable, mad, sad, and mean. Hot and cold foods can be explained by PH. Hot foods more acidic and cold foods are more basic. So drink your milk.

  5. collin huey

    great anthropologist

  6. M g

    What about Being Vegan with a Spleen Chi deficiency??.. I like Fish but feel I don't have enough stomach acid to break it down and get IBS as a result from it. Thankyou any advice would be most appreciated.🌸

  7. Vicky Wilson

    This is excellent almost Taylor made for me your friend vic

  8. Felix New


  9. Growth Mindset Community

    So could i just clarify, if I have a deficiency in a specific organ, I should avoid the flavour associated with the organ? Say I have a kidney chi deficiency, should I avoid salt? Been told by chinese doctors that my kidneys are slightly weak- I suspect my bladder is quite weak too cos I always need to pee. But I always crave super salty foods- I don't eat fast food, I eat a lot of vegetables but salt them heavily and eat smoked salmon everyday, which is very salty- is my soidum intake making it worse?

  10. Amanda Mancini

    This is great! Any books or resources you could recommend? I realise you'll be covering more in future videos, but there are some particular principles I want to explore more. Thanks for this!!!

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