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  1. TheUnlockedDoor1221

    Which hand should I use to improve my erection

  2. SIRE

    Definitely helped man appreciate the vid

  3. uwais rehman

    Who else jumped on Amazon when he said you'll improve on maths 😂loool

  4. John Ming Ngai

    Thanks Dr. Stokes for the detailed explanation! I've recently decided to design my own pair of baoding balls, which you can find on Amazon.com under the Nimble Agility brand. The ones I've designed are solid stainless steel and comes with a much better case. Is there any difference in the health benefit when using the hollowed versus solid ones? I find many people actually prefer the solid ones, including myself, since they give a much better workout for my hands. Also, if anyone is interested, you can receive a 10% discount off my baoding balls by using the promo code BAODING10. Much appreciated!

  5. shactrack

    WOW!!!! This information is FANTASTIC…especially coming from a doctor because many are typically more focused on Westernized practices…..Thank for for relating this to the brain, emotions, right, left side, etc….this makes me want to do even more research… I knew these meditation balls were special…but wow…they're GREAT for health too!!! AWESOME-SAUCE!!!

  6. Copperman

    I remember when my chinese girlfriend massaged my medidation balls. Never before had my nuts felt like they were in exstsusie. Nevever mind my impressive need for taint sweat, she was a ripper. Sadly she passed in 2002 and ive been fucking her corpse ever since

  7. Teresa Lowry

    I definitely want a set! So exciting

  8. Dr. Stephen Stokes DC

    For more information check out my clinical webpage: http://www.drstephenstokes.com and pick up a copy of my two books, The Philosophical Physician and Heal Yourself The 7 Steps To Innate Healing. Blessings.

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