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  1. Bis Dak


  2. seth2510

    Happy New Year Chef John ! 🤗
    Thank you for all your recipes.
    Greetings from France 🇫🇷

  3. Đức Nguyễn Trọng

    Cook in a long time!

  4. Two Serious Dogs

    People are too stuck in this fast fast, gimme gimme, hurry hurry mindset. Why comment and why are you here? This channel is for those who genuinely appreciate the art of cooking.

  5. Ace Rms

    Every time i watch your videos. I feel relieved from stress. Thank you Chef and the whole team behind Taste.
    My best wishes dor 2020


    This instrumental THOOMS

  7. Masayuki K.


  8. Your Forebear

  9. Eugene Lim

    yum. So hungry…… Craving for duck rice.

  10. Bayu Mahendra


  11. 霜夜 彬

    I believe Chinese new year this year is on January 29, 2020. Before new years, my mom prepares dried oysters, scallops, shiitake mushrooms, abalone, roast pork, duck, steamed chicken, lots of yummy food. Then on New Years Day, we eat vegetarian. It's to keep our "souls" pure by not eating meat.

    I am a college student and spring semester starts on 1/27. So I will be alone this year :')

  12. 푸드링FoodRing

    i don't know why im watching this.. even i just got lunch😅

  13. Poe Food

    My favorite Chef & teacher in the world!

  14. selwin ray

    Super man, 😀🌼

  15. avinash kumar

    Chinese duck briyani 😅😅😅

  16. brian hutton

    you are the real master

  17. sh su

    my goodness….5 hours….but it looks AMAZING. i wish i could eat it.

  18. simbaku123

    After the last steam, I thought the duck will be vaporized

  19. Jake Inoa

    Lmaoo this is ridiculous! It’s literally the same ingredients every time for everything! And everything and I mean everything is deep fried!

  20. Demar Kasina

    Every dish

    -soy sauce
    -cooking wine

  21. Kinjal Amdavadi

    Good things take time…. I am a vegetarian but I live for these videos😊

  22. kura kaufusi

    love this chefs cooking despite all the negative comments

  23. Ghost Bolbi

    8 treasue duck is a dope for new year and in any occasion 🥰😍

  24. was jeck


  25. Mohamed Sufiyan

    Lol for me its A Chinese duck dum biriyani

  26. Xwong 香港植物提取物Instructor


  27. Andrew Eden

    Ok, I have to admit that I watched this whole video for the music every bit as much as I watched it for the recipe!🤣😃

  28. Quetzal Coatl

    Si esto no es arte culinario…. no sé que lo será

  29. Lamont Womack

    I love this man cooking hand down. taking any students? 💯

  30. Beyondreamtime 420

    I use to make 100 of this dishes a day in chinaware new year season. I will use sundried shrimp instead of fresh but not many westerner will like it due to the strong fishy smell yo it .

  31. Foot Ball

    Wow look so beautiful 😍

  32. R A A

    Looks amazing 😉 chef

  33. Shantay Hightower

    Too much work.

  34. maxpicture777

    Awesome cooking 👍 🔥

  35. gamer7916

    Is it me or is that a really small duck?

  36. SONO

    definitely worth it

  37. Pitoy Fabs

    Big thanks chef your number one creativeness for ducks meet.
    Compliments chef.. 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  38. 스크린캠프 Screen camp

    방갑습니다 ^^;;
    멋진요리 잘보고갑니다👍👋🥰

  39. Alberta Owusu

    Tha look so yummy thank you so much for sharing, you're indeed professional chef, stay blessed

  40. AntidoteAcide

    Love it 🙂

  41. Moshuh Nanren

    5 hrs to make it 2 mins to eat it

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