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  1. Yukie

    I could never find my cat but he comes back to me when I call him

  2. harry loo

    D rank mission boys

  3. sntyo sun

    !:22 what mean of CCTV footage?

  4. Tian Ko

    end dog eating in china

  5. Comment Tator

    Enough money to buy a few new pets

  6. Fluffy Kitten

    haha, so cute <333

  7. 進撃の13號


  8. Priska Wen

    Ooh that's great! 😄

  9. Priska Wen

    Ooh that's great! 😄

  10. badhabit

    AALLRIGHTY then!!!!!

  11. M15F1R3 TM

    Real life Detective Pikachu but its human finding pets

  12. Bernie Sandpapers

    If Your Pet Is Missing In China You Know Your Local Street Food Vendor Has It!

  13. jake poh

    0:45 that is not thermal-imaging gear, that is a pokedex

  14. Ace Hardy


  15. jake poh

    Ash is retired from catching pokemon instead becoming pet detective

  16. Foster when


  17. Sam Allardyce

    real version of ace ventura

  18. Muffin Pony

    furry friends

  19. ubsuhk khadka

    Give those pets a phone with a GPS is not it simple

  20. xynmo

    Sounds wholesome. Sadly we can't say the same thing for Hong Kong.

  21. Anderson Liang

    He probably steals the animals then get owners to pay to find the pet.

  22. Old School

    Here kitty kitty kitty rrrrr rrrrrruff rufff

  23. Mk. Bladezz


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