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  1. Mumbo Sauce Radio

    Well it just came out now Vlad…

  2. Nathan Gold

    How your name China Mac and don’t know nothing bout China 🤣🤣

  3. brian green

    Damn I didn't know this

  4. rapskallion77

    Try 10,000 students killed by the ChiComs at Tiananmen Sq. Don't let the ChiComs off the hook while Hollyweird sucks their dick.

  5. African Pharaoh

    Vlad trying to get this man killed

  6. Dred Zeppelin

    Chyna mac like damn im old

  7. Dred Zeppelin

    Vlad tryna flex on the low

  8. shortbus1127

    Why doesn't Vlad bring up all of Africa's problems with Black guests? Racist ass vlad

  9. 2lucky

    Wtf Vlad interviewing this dummy for. Wtf did he do or is he doing? Dummy just famous for going to jail wtf

  10. bigboner23

    China Mac last person i need history lesson from

  11. Erick Bnaf

    they both know nothing about they trying to talk about .. ahahah

  12. TheGschultz

    CM not trying to make money in China anymore?

  13. Zig Jeffs

    We must also remember that the last time Hong Kong was part of China, it was not a communist country. Fact. It will be a difficult adjustment for the people of Hong Kong and sadly, they are very much on their own.

  14. 1036911242

    就我一个中国人吗?Am i the only chinese in comment?

  15. C Thraxx

    This dude China Mac don’t kno nothing 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Dreamcatcher H

    About that Taiwan case, Taiwan government actually agreed to extradite the killer as a one-off thing, but Hong Kong government/Chinese government have been ignoring it, and using this Taiwan case as an excuse to push ahead that shit.

    And the other thing Hong Kongers are fighting now is against police brutality. Those mfs are out of control right now, beating up random pedestrians, shooting (rubber bullets) in people’s eyes, cooperating with gangsters, disguising as protestors and doing shit like throwing Molotov Cocktails etc.

  17. ChaseMavrick

    The only Asian that’s bad at math


    5:44 he was meant to say "motherland" dont know how that easy word just flew off from his mind 🤔🤣

  19. Chris Covil

    Mannnn as fucked up the U.S. is but at the same time it's a blessing

  20. Swan Mega

    Wait… Vlad must be not be feeling like usual self. He is actually asking China Mac about stuff other than jail and the Chinatown underworld? Nahhhh, this can't be the real Vlad. This has to be his clone or some shit…

  21. Unity Studio

    Vlad ain't lie. That trade war has markets looking really unpredictable. Trump is bad for business.

  22. Jemal Rankin

    I love you bro , but we're gonna have to start calling you U.S MAC , because you know absolutely nothing about China . That shit was so funny !!

  23. Veni Voodoo

    China Mac = Only Chinese dude that can't do math.

  24. Smoov Gee

    He so busy tryna be black don’t know shit about his own people. This guy is a clown skipping all his interviews from now on✌🏽

  25. don dada

    I'm black I don't give 2 fucks about what happens to other communities of race

  26. Luke

    thousands of people murdered but vlad mentions his stock portfolio taking a hit lmao

  27. Rock N Soul Music

    China Mac is as confused on history as a the average nigga is about slavery and rascism lol

  28. Just righteous

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Russell Simmons still ain't get caught yet.

  29. Web Cityx

    This guys is not HKese. He is from China.

  30. Haidi Cheng

    Why Vlad didn’t asked China Mac about Dave Chappelle’s “I’m Chiiinnneeess”, joke.


    Mexico murdered students as well in the 1968 Olympics. This is what some white Americans don't understand. If you try to protest your government in other countries, they'll kill you. Not beat you, jail you, pepper spray or spray you with water.

  32. Mircea Costin

    I'm sure everyone in China be thinking about officer vladimir's stocks… 🙄

  33. barefoot arizona

    Vlad talkin $#it on China maybe Vlad should go to Israel if he is so against governments killing protestors.
    China rules Hong Kong. Don't worry how they do it worry about your ZOG.

  34. layne stayley

    Why does he even ask. He's never even been to china

  35. Lenny Davis

    I can’t wait until positive stories and positive headlines get views and clicks. Until then, click away and fuel the bullshit of the world!

  36. JB M

    Neither one of these guys ever saw the infamous video of the student getting run over by the tank? Not even the picture??

  37. PrimordialChaos1

    I thought Chinese people were good at math? 🤔 😂

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