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  1. Vicky Squeeze


  2. MagnusXFick

    ich habe "Foltermusik" eingegeben.

  3. Argi Gjoka


  4. ΛЧMΛƝ

    Like t'es français

  5. Sesstrum

    Kay one

  6. Sophie Taylor

    Where’s the lyrics @?

  7. NG Erik

    Grüße gehen raus an slurp

  8. OOF Bot

    роргщщзшщгек5пми ьюдэъэхжпрьлгоепаккеаенг70з-

  9. OOF Bot


  10. OOF Bot


  11. OOF Bot

    нуифе ершы ырше снлф

  12. Henning Lehnard

    Ging ging hoti

  13. Henning Lehnard

    Bin deutscher aber feier dieses Lied wer auch?

  14. LiL Benny

  15. Josh

    When you are trying to win a roast battle but you stutter.

  16. Abdallah Maged

    I searched for Asian doge and this showed up

  17. Dope Maker productions

    What is the real name of the artist and the song

  18. Halo Boy

    What is this song called

  19. Nerif

    Chin chen hanji
    Can't touch me at all
    Kitchen in the dungeon
    I swear to god the bang Paul
    Fool i'm not touching you
    My mama wasn't love me
    I swear to god the bang Paul


    Quand Trump est passer président des usa

  21. The Rogue Assasin

    Who’s here because Azzapp?

  22. Lynda Boumeraou


  23. Falke Jason

    Wie heißt der Song auf Spotify

  24. PKM_MarcPlayss

    richtig nice alta

  25. Oguz_168

    Wenn du kein wort verstehst

    Halt dich bedeckt ..

  26. Noel Aho


  27. Kayra 361


  28. Dadi HQ

    That's the best song I've ever heard

  29. eule 123

    Krasse rap

  30. Dont click My Profile Pict

    If Japanese Pop called "Jpop"
    Then Chinese Rap Called "Crap"

  31. Romek Kwiek

    Ja man Ente chop suey ohne Gemüse

  32. NFL06 - Naoufel


  33. cheese

    When he said我喜欢吃猫和狗,它们很好吃 I felt that 😔

  34. nosinno

    Besser als 101% von den deutschrap lieder

  35. Budou

    Chinese doge video brought me here

  36. Jannoartxsyz the King

    Ey jz mal for real wer feiert diese musik 😂

  37. Vladimir Russell

    CARAAAAALHO MANO😱😱! Respect 😎 from Manaus – Brazil.

  38. Altair

    "im still gonna bang paul"

  39. Hey Kangge What's Up?

    If Japanese pop called J-Pop

    Then, Chinese rap called C-rap

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