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  1. Stevie Wonder

    They turning earth into the DeathStar!… I'm ok with it.

  2. paul milsom

    they still haven't twigged that you cannot build a 'telescope' that can receive 'thought' ET's appear to communicate in the ESP band// telepathy…

  3. Gaming Gangster

    What if it rains?

  4. Gerard Miller

    Just know this. The aliens don't communicate by radio waves. They comunicate in telepathy. They are extremely advanced. This is written in Ezekiel chapter one. Ezekiel describes 4 beings, who came from on high.
    The craft flew back and forth like lightning.
    Not like a bat or a bird. Just remember that the devils are there allso.

  5. science world

    I love china from India

  6. science world

    This is the greatest achievement in the history of humanity

  7. Captive

    Chinese are smart but not creative.

  8. Jaylen H

    Battlefield 4 map anyone?

  9. FutureGhost Onfire

    Unity in Diversity

  10. Cappy Thumper

    Have they looked in a mirror yet?

  11. S. Bharat

    Though they are here and continuously visit us, we peep into darkness and feign studying them. It's tragedy.

  12. Crazy Eyes

    Good to see China spending there cash on something useful shame that the communists will never say if they find something

  13. D M

    0:31 ….Wow, the first alien 👽 visits China…
    nor in USA because Trumpo don’t want any aliens….sad

  14. c c

    Fake Scripted Theatre….
    All Media(Propaganda), Corporations, Sports, Politicians.. are Scripted & Owned by the World Elite

  15. c c

    9/11 Psyop Staged by the United Terrorist Snakes ( War Criminal) & the World Elite…

  16. muraturile

    Great place for skateboard stuns…

  17. jaynavlive

    and we're trusting china to control what we payed for whos idea was that obama, we have stupid leaders

  18. Taa Taa The 3rd

    Meanwhile people are still killing themselves because God says so

  19. DrasticK RebEL

    Massive weather modification dish

  20. Yehudah Hachassid

    Excellant video! Next question–will the chinese have crop circles in the near future? Thank you.

  21. Blade

    That Chinese guy seems to be an alien😂

  22. E L1

    Crazy but.. Why's it called 'English' when they cannot even speak it properly ?? Englishmen needs to learn to pronounce n use the W correctly and not a R sound in place of a W. It Irk's !

  23. Margaret Momparler

    I believe the Catholic Vatican also has a telescope to find aliens.

  24. Iain Lowson

    if China was our only contact point and were literal about there self. Would you make contact with them!

  25. Donald Brookings

    I don't think aliens talk Chinese.

  26. Andrew Bayan


  27. Tammy Brooks

    Demons are pretending to be aliens. Moving people away from the creator is their agenda.

  28. slot machine luv

    All government's keep on say alien does not exist . but they keep on built the new technique to reaching out space

  29. 10താം അവതാരം


  30. Maria da Luz Moutinho

    Grande , mas mesmo grande?? Como iremos reagir se enfrentar-mos extraterrestres?? Será que vão aparecer ? Será que iremos ficar a saber se apanharem os estranhos na fotografia?? Que precaução estão a tomar os cientistas perante algo que não sabemos como será?? Que dualidade de termos ficaremos a ganhar nestes achados? Que informação puseram neste telescópio …Para detectar algo diferente? Eles andam aí!!??

  31. terry board

    For 4 year's now they have shown themselves to me. Get ready folks AND BUCKLE UP !! DISCLOSURE IS NEAR !! AND THE GOVERNMENT CAN'T STOP IT !!!


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