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  1. BWeav10

    This is interesting, how people complain about colonialism, while praising China for their colonialism.

  2. abhishek jack

    When US and USSR was busy at cold war
    China was rapidly changing itself
    Size ,population, economic development, China soon came up
    Now you see biggest exporter of cheap goods China
    China can develop but Africa needs to have plan where it want development

  3. James W

    God bless China and Africa!

  4. Purity Wangare

    If want to buy yr shoes and sell in Kenya how do I go about it?

  5. Aadilah Aaidah Aadab Platonic Dandara

    I'm from Africa Ghana I want job

  6. Abigail Kudzordzi

    Then why not open some of this factories in Ghana instead of illegal galamsey

  7. Red Bull

    I hope this is not unacceptable because from an Western perspective, China’s safety standards are lacking. So u moved to Africa to make it cheaper? 🤔

  8. loveVten power

    Shoes fuc*tory 😂. Just a laugh guys. No need to take it serious. Have a good day everyone!!

  9. Francis Li

    Is Ethiopia still paying french colonial tax?

  10. perry reasch

    the dud talking doe not know any thing ?? normal radio dude

  11. Dawit David

    i like a chana a grilfirend

  12. Ramesh Rai

    China is great in the World. He help about Poverty less

  13. Francoise Loffler

    Veryhappy for the African people that the Chinese is giving them the know how! Thank you China!

  14. Peter Wang

    Hope Africans retrace Chinese footsteps to pull themselves up from their own boots.

  15. Kim Jakab

    China cooperates with construction and production. Very good for the friendship of Ethiopia and China!
    USA just operates with destruction and contra-production. Very bad for any "friend"-ship!

  16. 6packter

    china is teaching them how to lift themselves out of poverty.

  17. Lenny Online

    China entered the US shoe market 10 yrs ago. Now it owns 90% of the US shoe market. China entered the US furniture market 10 yrs ago and now owns 75% of that market. Now due to trade imbalance w/ the US, the Chinese sent manufacturing overseas to countries like Ethiopia but are still controlling the US shoe and furniture market.

  18. AA14CBF

    China: This is how you create jobs.

    USA: How dare you enslave Africans!

  19. Juan Carlos Saavedra

    Si quieres un futuro bonito, arrimate a un Chinito

  20. Suresh Gautam

    China built infraction , and USA use bomb death humanity

  21. Ryan H

    Instead of giving aid and donations that make Africans dependant on western countries, western counties (such as USA, where I'm from) should invest like China. By training Africans and giving them opportunity, they can grow out of poverty. The aid that the USA (and other western countries) gives only temporarily helps the Africans and keeps them in poverty because they will become dependant on foreign aid and not themselves. I hope the USA will follow China's lead with helping developing countries grow positively.

  22. Frank Lord

    The most important consequence is, after a couple years, we will see thousands of local people will build their own businesses and start to compete with anyone in the world. .

  23. Muhammad Abdullahi

    Western they’re jealous

  24. Food Tastings

    China builds while America destroys.

  25. Johnny Jang

    This is how it should be. Instead of making them as slaves to do your work, you help them to help themselves. That is the difference between China and the West.

  26. Make It Happen

    China is stepping up big

  27. Wu Jian Lung

    This is a great and win-win business project for Ethoipia and China!

  28. George Gewarges

    I'm so so happy for those Ethiopian people to be working with dignity.. and for China what a country? genius of a country packed with genius people.

  29. Henri HAN

    Ethiopia has developed at a rapid pace in recent years. This country is full of hope. I sincerely hope that Ethiopia can achieve prosperity. Love and wishes from China

  30. collin huey

    ok let us hear from America SLAVE LABOR EXPLOITATION-look at china and see what thet are doing– this can never happen in America because there is welfare

  31. A N

    Thank God know our sisters don't have to go Arab country to work

  32. adewale hanson


  33. etos butch

    China is pragmatic while the west is spreading propaganda, Saudi Arabia is their allied

  34. mehboob gani

    Chinese are not allowing African to talk. They seem to be afraid in their own country

  35. Corrine Tsang

    China has built the dams and electric transmission lines to power these shoe factories.China has built the electric railroad to Djibouti to export these shoes and coffee.

  36. Pererika Hekiheki

    Thanks China and all the best to Ethiopia.

  37. Cjango Freeman

    Ethiopian women are the prettiest.
    Make all Africa great again. Modernize and get educated. No need for the white colonizers. Get rid of your corruption and take care of its people.

  38. Palladium

    But BBC/CNN tells us when China brings in Chinese workers to Africa its called exploitation, now that Africans are employed that's also called exploitation because the West are such shining beacons of moral integrity.

  39. Richard Teh

    Good to see China has brought development to Africa countries Africans has suffer enough in their own rich resources country they have been colonize for more than a decade by the white

  40. calvin lim

    the workers look depressed….

  41. Colin Tan

    Ethiopia may now have to share shoe making jobs with the trumpeter to MAGA

  42. Douglas Powers

    Nice to see

  43. Vaporizers101

    immune from Trumps tarriffs. Make ethiopa great again!

  44. Mustafa Ibrahim

    I'm African and all I can say is that I love China and the Chinese people.

  45. Wei Zhang

    Ethiopia! Love From China!

  46. thndrngest

    that’s how a country’s working class and middle class emerge, it is happening all over the world !

  47. Tsai Ing-wen蔡英文

    Don't say thanks, it's win-win.
    Also African people get rich will enlarge the world market, it's good to the world too.

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