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  1. luckey008

    thanks for sharing it help my spirit .

  2. LerhChang

    "在那桃花盛开的地方" I like it very much!

  3. 海西冯


  4. 海西冯

    this video is really amazing.

  5. MrBigEnchilada

    in the 1980s there were good songs, good singers, good actors, and good role models,
    nowadays they still exist, just a rarity, in the 1980s, 在那桃花盛开的地方.

  6. Virtual Reality

    Really hurts your ears at the beginning if the volume is too high. 😛

  7. Bangxian Han

    @SnowDragon1OO may be called ' the place where peach blossoms' =在那桃花盛开的地方

  8. AS4

    really beautiful

  9. Wan Yie

    Why is it that every chinese music video I visit, I see discussions about politics and nations. Who the hell cares?

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