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  1. william deng

    Taiwan Zhongshi Newsletter reported on November 24th

    For the case of Wang Liqiang, the so-called "Chinese agent" reported by the Australian media, Chen Humen, a former Taiwan military intelligence general, said at noon today (24th) that Wang Liqiang’s statement had a problem, and it was impossible for the intelligence officers to do anything.

    According to reports, Chen Humen said that taking the Military Intelligence Bureau as an example, Wang Liqiang is an official in the Military Intelligence Bureau. He is only an eunuch class. The Military Intelligence Bureau cannot allow him to participate in such an important task. He said that it is unconventional. The intelligence unit will not do this. Guide to love.

    Chen Humen pointed out that Wang Liqiang’s method of paying money is not the practice of intelligence units. For example, Liu Liankun, the general of the People’s Liberation Army recruited by the Taiwan Military Intelligence Bureau, must deliver cash, and must pay in person, so the location is on the mainland. Will not give too much, because it can bring cash into the mainland, cash can not bring too much, the use of remittances will be checked, the risk is too great.

    Chen Humen said that when he goes to the mainland to submit Liu Liankun’s money once a year, it’s a little bit. How could it be like Wang Liqiang’s, millions or millions of yuan? He said that if it is to give the intelligence object a large sum of money, it will be stored first, and then wait until the intelligence object goes abroad.






  2. David King

    The funniest joke is that he claimed he is the spy.

  3. Scott Phillips

    The Morrison Government BETTER hop on this immediately without delay, protect him from Chinese intimidation and make sure this legit spy [sent your way by the Lord Himself] is moved away from his current location to another Federally provided secret safe location, as well keep him alive to share his facts… He deserves bonafide political asylum… Without doubt!

  4. Zee Keang

    Only seeking asylum …..to make up stories.

  5. Julie Ball

    First of all, If his wife is studying in Australia, she probably wouldn't be married to a man who can't speak English. In China, that means he's not well educated, but she is. A 26 years old who doesn't speak English would probably be selling duck necks by the railway station and definitely not getting a job a supervisor in a major spy operation. 26 years old, but giving orders…right….. I don't speak Chinese, but it sounds like he's speaking Mandarin. Might be Mandarin, I don't know. If it's Mandarin, why would the Chinese govt dispatch a spy to HK who doesn't speak Cantonese as his first dialect or who can't speak English? If it's Cantonese, why would they send him to Taiwan? I'm no expert on Chinese dialects or accents, but maybe someone in Taiwan might say, "You're not from around here, are you?" "No matter. I'm going to change the way I'm going to vote because of what you said, Mr. non-local person." This 26 years old is going to influence an election? Seriously? Can someone tell me what dialect he is speaking… Mandarin or Cantonese? In any case, not speaking English? And you're a spy, with a wife studying in Australia, giving orders at 26? Right……. Did you guys know that going to parks and painting is prohibited in China? How oppressive!!! Notice how many times, he said, "I'm afraid for my life!" Now, how stupid would it be for the Chinese Govt to go anywhere near this dude? But what do you want to bet he goes missing and the Chinese Govt gets blamed?


    If you learned psychology, you would probably have found this guy was lying. So reading more news, it turns out that this guy is only a recorded Chinese fraud criminal. What he needs is probably just a Permanent Resident Visa.

  7. James Rodrigues

    Ratting on his own folk

  8. James Rodrigues

    🐀 Ratatouille

  9. Zhe Li

    China please send more frauds to Australia, they find a way to entertainment the world!!! 😀

  10. Maria Matusiewicz

    The Beast in the End Times is becoming obvious and eventually no one will not be able to buy anything without the mark of the Beast. Because who will eventually own most of the produce of the world?

  11. Authentic Self

    Wake up Australia! Regardless we know and is a fact that China overstepping our education system, real estates and political arena. China is a great danger to the world. Proud to see people speaking up. Communist should NOT have SUPER POWER… but it's ugly greedy world where government/corporate greed are shortsighted and our future generations will pay the ugly prize.

  12. Ying Fu

    While the so-called spy is a fraudster

  13. twenlil

    "The Chinese Embassy on Sunday hit back at Wang and referenced a statement from Shanghai police, which said Wang was sentenced in Fujian province in October 2016 to one year and three months in prison for fraud with a suspended sentence of 1 ½ year.

    It said he was wanted in relation to a fraud case from earlier this year.

    “On April 19, 2019, the Shanghai police opened an investigation into Wang who allegedly cheated 4.6 million yuan from a person surnamed Shu through a fake investment project involving car import in February,” the statement said.

    The embassy said Wang left for Hong Kong on April 10 carrying a fake Chinese passport and a fake Hong Kong permanent resident ID."

    These roundeyes can be quite gullible.

  14. zhmz888

    a convict escaping fr china, under charge of fraud involving 4.5 million few ys ago…it just blow out on those who is so desparate for such kind of news….funny thing is what he disclosed were already knew by most of us…and it had been published by lots of mag.and papers sponsored by taiwan separatists and NED….I am wondering he is recycle these craps for his visa..allowing him to escape the punishment fro court of china..

  15. ZY

    Yes, a 26 years old spy who gave orders and was involved in many important operations, yet, cannot speak English and has a wife in AU…. Chinese spy agency must be very desperate for recruiting…
    Chinese police alleged that he is a swindler and was in jail in 2016 (shouldn't be difficult to check the records)…
    Let's see, dont know which side I shall believe at this stage….

  16. Lucifer Black

    If Australians can't see that this is nothing more than a diversion from the governments in actions with banks, water, employment, robodebt, etc..etc..etc, then they're are stupid as Morrison predicted they would be….

  17. william deng

    World Daily reported that Chinese spy Wang Liqiang has invested in Australia to provide actions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

    It is understood that the spy has claimed to be named Wang Liqiang. Recently, he has provided the Australian anti-intelligence agency with the Chinese military intelligence personnel dispatched in Hong Kong and how they carried out the infiltration operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Wang claimed that he personally participated in the infiltration. And the interference action, including kidnapping the head of the Hong Kong Causeway Bay Bookstore and other people to China for trial.

    Wang Liqiang said that on May 14 this year, he received a "new mission" and received a new Chinese passport, a Hong Kong identity card, and a South Korean passport. He entered Taiwan on May 28 with a South Korean passport to control the army and penetrate the grassroots. Groups, funding media and other means interfered with Taiwan's elections; Wang said that China is trying to influence Taiwan's 2020 presidential election, which is one of the reasons why he decided to vote.

    In this regard, the National Security Unit has been involved in the investigation, and the Immigration Department said that after the inventory, there is still no entry and exit information of relevant persons, and it will continue to be mastered and inspected. A senior immigration official pointed out that the immigration officer in charge of checking passport information in China will receive education and training every six months, and the intensity of inspection is extremely high. In practice, it is unlikely that a forged passport will enter the country, and a passport holder may change. A small chance to pass the customs, in short, it is unlikely to enter the country with a fake passport.

    It seems that Wang is a speculator who uses the goodness of the Australian government to counterfeit the CCP’s spies to obtain unjustified asylum.

  18. MrJasonUQ

    Typical IQ test. One with average intelligence can tell how true this could be…as true as CNN reported 39 Chinese death in fridge truck…

  19. Roy Ji

    Chinese police has released a statement that this guy frauded 4.5 million in China and now shows up as a Chinese spy for Australian visa.

  20. robert johns

    how cute we made china cry again… lmao

  21. sgtdanny69148

    That's it… The next mandarin speaking person I see I'm gonna give the deep look they wished they never set foot off that plane….go home MSS, you have no place here….

  22. william deng

    It’s hard to tell the truth. I have never heard of a 26-year-old young man, born in a small place, no military background, no family background, no large company background (the fact is that making false certificates is very easy in China), he said that he is a CCP spy, and would be send to Taiwan to interfere in the election. I wonder how he can influence it.

    He is like a young man who came to Australia to visit relatives, compile stories, take shortcuts, seek political asylum, and become refugees. The Chinese are very clever. I am afraid that there would be many Chinese "spys", male or female, old or young, rich or poor, who would be a Chinese CCP spy in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and the EU. Will it become a channel for fast refugees?

    The key to this matter is the Korean passport. If the Korean Customs officers saw it as a forgery easily, the young man bought a fake Korean passport at a roadside booth in China. He came to Australia to make a story. Nothing wrong with Australian government in the case, however, no national intelligence agency would be stupid to send a spy, carrying a fake passport that can be easily recognised to perform dangerous tasks.

    God bless Australia!

  23. twelvemast

    This guy is no 'spy' he's nobody but a convicted fugitive. He just conned the Australian medias offering a shitload of turd, and the medias enjoy it a lot. lmao

  24. Elmer T Fuddrucker

    Infiltrators in the protest group? How do you think all the chaos and violence is kept alive. Chinese spies in Australia? Hell, Senator Feinstein from America had a Chinese spy driving for her for 20 years. America did nothing. Anything or anybody Chinese I would look at 2 or 3 times. Which is more important political correctness or national security? Chinese government is counting on political correctness.

  25. Ping Wang

    Probably a CIA agent to stir up trouble.

  26. riccia888

    South park tells it all

  27. True North Strong and Free

    Chinas taking quite a beating in the news these days with all the leaks and now this!….kinda shows the world a lot about the inner workings of this tyrannical government!…. Beijing (AFP) – A rare and huge leak of Chinese government documents has shed new light on a security crackdown on Muslims in China's Xinjiang region, where President Xi Jinping ordered officials to act with "absolutely no mercy" against separatism and extremism, The New York Times reported.
    Human rights groups and outside experts say more than one million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities have been rounded up in a network of internment camps across the far-western region.
    The 403 pages of internal papers obtained by the Times provide an unprecedented look into the highly-secretive Communist Party's controversial crackdown, which has come under increasing international criticism, especially from the United States.
    The documents include previously unpublished speeches by Xi as well as directives and reports on the surveillance and control of the Uighur population, the newspaper said on the weekend.
    The leak also suggests that there has been some discontent within the party about the crackdown.
    The documents were leaked by an unnamed member of the Chinese political establishment who expressed hope that the disclosure would prevent the leadership, including Xi, from "escaping culpability for the mass detentions", the Times said.
    In a 2014 speech to officials made after militants from the Uighur minority killed 31 people in a train station in southwestern China, Xi called for an all-out "struggle against terrorism, infiltration and separatism" using the "organs of dictatorship," and showing "absolutely no mercy", according to the daily.
    The internment camps expanded rapidly following the appointment in 2016 of a new party chief in Xinjiang, Chen Quanguo.
    Chen, according to the Times, distributed Xi's speeches to justify the crackdown and urged officials to "round up everyone who should be rounded up".
    Reputed within the party for his handling of minority groups, Chen earlier led iron-fisted policies aimed at crushing dissent in Tibet.
    The trove of leaked documents included a guide to answering questions from students who had returned home to Xinjiang to find their families missing or detained in camps.
    Officials were instructed to say the students' family members had been infected with the "virus" of extremist thinking and needed to be treated before "a small illness becomes a serious one".
    China's foreign ministry and the Xinjiang regional government did not immediately respond to AFP's requests for comment.
    – 'Black and white' confirmation –
    The documents also shed light on the party's punishment of one official, Wang Yongzhi, who was investigated from 2017 to 2018 for disobeying party orders.
    Wang released on his own initiative more than 7,000 people from camps in Xinjiang, and feared that "rounding up so many people would knowingly fan conflict and deepen resentment", according to a confession by Wang leaked to the Times.
    China, after initially denying the camps, has described them as vocational schools aimed at dampening the allure of Islamist extremism and violence through education and job training.
    But rights groups and foreign media, including AFP, have reported that official documents and satellite images show the facilities are equipped and run like prisons.
    The leak "confirms in black and white, in the party's own words, its conscious and systematic extrajudicial mass internment of Muslims in Xinjiang," said James Leibold, an expert on ethnic relations in China and a professor at Melbourne's La Trobe University.
    The documents show that "there was resistance on a local level" with local officials who disagreed with the policy facing punishment or being purged, Leibold told AFP.
    Additionally, he said, the fact that the documents were leaked is "a significant indicator that there are many inside the party who think this is an unwise policy and wish to hold Xi Jinping and Chen Quanguo accountable".

  28. Magia Trebonis

    Double agent?

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