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  1. Kay Quest

    I was at this show! Damn can't believe it's been 6 years already. Still awesome.

  2. Ben Socolofsky

    Singers dancing is awesome! Also the drummer is super chill haha

  3. George Siano

    The 2 times I saw them in NY I was the only one dancing. NY needs to stop being so uptight.

  4. okavipra

    what a hell is guitarist using for this sound.

  5. D Riebel

    what effects does paul vieira use on that guitar?

  6. heartlion

    they're pretty tight live. wow.

  7. Gary Brown

    Your friends are obnoxious.

  8. rauuul0

    more videos please!

  9. rauuul0

    AAAARRRGGHH I want them in Spain!!!!
    Would be great to see this show on Saturday 3AM

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