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  1. al gung

    Don't give up! Fight until China surrender with the tariff war!

  2. Kate100294764

    this needed to happen, if China's CCP continues on its current path, the world as we know it and enjoy it will be over. I'll weather a recession if it means leaving China behind, getting new trade partners and stop giving the CCP money to fund their terrorism on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang etc.

  3. Di Horse

    They have not answered one question: for the past dealing with China, were price and terms fair? If so, where advantage has been taken by whom?

  4. bruh that's cringe

    we're too dependent on china. that's a mistake due to multiple administrations. obama didn't fix it, trump certainly didn't and we don't know what the next president is gonna do about it

  5. Qlue Qlue Qlue

    If you buy military weapons.from Russia or China we will give you economic sanction. Why would any rational nations want to do business with the US with such a threat? It is a blatant extortion and they have no problem showing their true color. Will you do business with anyone who clearly try to extort you?

  6. Johnathan Hong

    America started the tradewar and said repeatedly confidently it is easy to win and settled thinking that China is going to be like Canada n Mexico easily can be bully.. well it has taken far more than a year now.. and America has resolved into far worst tactics actions to Ban so many Chinese companies now and to stop so many America tech companies and non American tech supplies chains and yet there is still no possible resolution of the trade deal… if I am China I don't mind suffer abit more and weight it out till more American start to scream at your own elected government who has been bullying everyone into submission but not China. 1,400 millions Chinese in China can weather it thru with further increase of domestic consumption to sustain it's GDP growth at 5.0% p.a easily. Then this will be a good history learning lessons for the 21st century American living in America.

  7. Floro

    The Russian farmers report that there is strong demand in China for farm products, especially oil plants, the Government will provide loans to increase production!

  8. Dage Li

    US farmers do have opinions, and they know they are directly involved into the global economic environment. it's good.

    while, what they can do is just to change and keep in a peace of mind for the comming furure.
    fist the global trade is a unchangable trend, and usually the trades are fair, otherwise, there is no deal, right?
    and usually, since US is the strongest country in the world, the trades are actually usually unfair for the other side of the deal.

    it's a fact that China and east asian is rising very fast. the Goal for Trump and the US Gov is to prevent that from happening or at least delay that. And the trade war is a tool, at the same time increase Trump's gov income, together with tech war, and the political intervene and military intervenes, these are just tools.

    When we consider the rise of China, it is more likely to be irresistible. If the US does not reasonablely handle this, the world may end up with hot war, which none of us would like to see. With the development technology, the world is more and more become a small village, which people should adapt to. People should cooperate more than confrontation, people should think more about the other side's interest before they they think they can make a deal.

    Unfortunately, these farmers think of their own interest only. they don't have the vision to think for interest of the rest 95.7% populations on the same planet. This lead them to draw a easy conclusion that the other people are evil.

  9. Dage Li

    the woman in green said that " They (chinese) are willing and ready to eat our lunch".
    She is not shame at that the US is eating the other's lunch for centuries already.
    her own life should be kept prosperity,and the other people's life should be kept in poverty, is this right?

  10. FreeLunch ForChildren

    1.4 billion customers . . .

  11. IMHO

    Democracy elects populists, not necessarily people who will improve lives of citizens. People like to quote Churchill that all other systems are worse. Actually, leaders make/break a country, regardless of system, democracy/monarchy/socialism/communism/clergy-ruled, etc.

  12. Nikko 3hundo

    This was actually really educational thank you for the essay reference 😭💜

  13. Murad Kanouni

    Imbecile Trump said it’s easy to win a trade war. I bet you 95% of farmers have voted for that con artist. Now they are enjoying the fruit of their choice.

  14. ebleyes

    Those farmers are subsidized to the hilt and that lady is asking for more ethanol subsidies.

  15. Thincow

    Chick is a poo business leader. Evil slanted eyed heathens,

  16. Leon Degrelle

    You ain't solving the problems by deleting the comments and hide the truth from the public.

  17. jorge pearl

    trade should be controlled by congress, not by a president, because congress is more stable, Trump overturned everything Obama has done, was a 180 change, and next president maybe overturns everything Trump has done

  18. Artjoms Pugacovs

    Stop animal abuse.

  19. Andrew Lim

    This ain't chess game, it's just a baccarat game from Trump 's casino, and I doubt Trump know how to play chess. 😁

  20. James Koh

    That is the trouble when you elect an idiot to be your President… He imposes tariffs on China and thinks China will be brought to its knee? How little he understands the Chinese as a nation, as a culture, as a united country that has stood up (having been humiliation by western powers since 1839) and will never be bullied again. Trump started the trade war (and stupidly said "Trade war is easy to win"), only an idiot would think that way when every professional economist has said: No one wins in a trade war. My sympathy goes to all the farmers and all those who suffer because of President Dumb's policies.

  21. N8 Vabeach

    They sound as sad as the native americans they help take the land from.

  22. jimmy su

    Trump doesn’t care. Middle class doesn’t understand. Stop farming and let Americans starve. They will all get it.

  23. Welcomes to Kayes Nation

    I don't feel sorry for these people because they probably are the ones who voted for Trump China has many options to buy products from other countries

  24. urb8t


  25. A B

    Farmer girl with diamond ring and apple watch.

  26. Zeon Pily

    Thank you, President trump. You're the best thing to ever happen to humanity. Now, let's wait for the coming recession to wipe out everyone and we will be a real sh*thole country. Thank you, Mr. Trump. God bless you.

  27. Felix Mendelssoha

    If you hate China, why do you want them to buy from you? (- Re-posted as my previous comment with same content was deleted by Youtube – message for those Youtube suckers working in the background – did you ever say "don't be evil"? 🙂

  28. Nikki Law

    How do these heathen believe too prosper from land they have stolen over 400 years ago??? The most high God is going to let these heathen feel the raft of destruction. For the slavery and killing of his people. The most high is bringing on more and more catastrophic events by the day.

  29. IsThis Democracy?

    I heard a "smartest, have biggest a brain" president say trade war is EASY to win…

  30. ga ga

    Why all this stress among the US farmers ? Trump can easily solve the problem. If you can't produce stuff cheaply, just produce the dollars to buy the cheap stuff. Take advantage of the silly Chinese by paying them with the limitless dollars we print.

  31. Tan Meng Huat

    Please don't wait or relay on China market anymore from now onwards, an advice to all US farmers, as they are gone forever!

  32. LEWILL

    The sad thing is China has big appetites due to its huge population for these farming products and they can't wait for the final agreement and have already established new business relationship with other countries. This has become a long term negative effect to the US farmers.

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