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  1. Maryam Ali

    My manager would be the first to cut the queue!!

  2. Brian Bloomfield

    Thank goodness people still have spines. If he lived in US… he'd be fired for being Male and for speaking what's right. Then after being fired the woman would sue the company and person. Thank you sir, your actions are well pleasing. #just

  3. kpop obsessed

    she could have been in a rush bcoz someone might be dying in the hospital, u would nvr knw . it doesnt matter if she cut the queue , wht matters is her actions , if she lied abt being in a rush then thts her loss

  4. Thein Bo Bo

    Those 105 dislike to this video may like to cut queue in their daily life I believe.

  5. ChickenOrBeefTV

    Well done 👍🏻

  6. xXGrEyZXx

    Promote to manager ? With that integrity, he should be president

  7. domz dome

    That woman should be executed. I remembered one chinese cut in line here in japan and unfortunately japan have strict gun law. I would've blown her brainless head.

  8. [ Razecube ]

    Women be like that sometimes

  9. jake jackobson


  10. AlfredO

    Some Chinese people are rude and dont have respect to other's

  11. Kevin Chen

    China raise in $ and now they raise in more hero’s .

  12. hammertoe00

    Someone's social credit score is going down.

  13. Nico Rivera

    China oh China!

  14. A A

    this is what called

  15. Amir Mohammed

    Not respecting common courtesy will turn any beautiful person into garbage

  16. Tim Stifler

    people need to be taught sometimes about commonsense

  17. wenhao li

    Most Chinese people are too tamed to fight such crazy people. This guy is rare.

  18. D Fang


  19. Shay Of Rivia

    This is VERY satisfying to watch

  20. D T

    If everyone work like this gentleman teach those who uncivilized, uncultured, unreasonable etc etc….China will be a much better place 🙂👍👍👍

  21. C

    Educating the Karens in the world one at a time

  22. Toxicfeeder jk

    Face is a word used in many asian languages and to have face means to have honour basically

  23. Yat Kai


  24. lolololol lolololol

    Chinese Social Credit: -3

  25. Abdulaziz Al Mukhaini


  26. Syakirin Azizizol

    Wait until Karen come to him..

  27. Roger Dodger

    Oh dear she just had a hundred social credit points deducted from her SC score

  28. Yasin Als

    he is really great person . people should respect others, should respect others time and queue . claps to him . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  29. ejay aziz

    China got many terrible things

  30. Harley Dog

    A lot of Chinese woman are arrogant. Not all but a lot.

  31. halley oey

    Well china is making social credit system especially for this kind of behaviour. We will miss this video in the future. Nothing like this will happen again with social credit system.

  32. Aurélien Bailleul

    Who is filming?

  33. Diane Brady

    So…..they act this way in their own country so…..why would we want more selfish entitled people in our country.

  34. Stephen Pyle

    Welcome to China. Land of line cutters, spitters, listening to devices without ear buds, using toilets without closing the door and shoving.

  35. GulsGuls

    Nothing against Chinese ppl but most of them r really rude and they think they are the important busy one around others and have the right so served first and threated like high class humans.. It is not easy to serve Chinese customers.

  36. Simon Xue

    Make him the station master

  37. Kevin Candra

    Bravo to the guy ! Manager soon to be !


    make in china YELLOW CHICKEN LOL

  39. norie crescini


  40. Danika Raison

    This has happened to me way too many times to count when I travel abroad. Every time it’s Chinese who cut in lines in front of me wether using atm machine, airport, waiting for buses etc. I wish I was as brave as this gentleman… always let it slip by, this people just never learn any lessons and continue their patterns.


    The hero we need.

  42. Kumar Sadeep

    LOL behave like a human 😂😂😂😂

  43. Good Guy

    Woman: Cutting queue
    Ticket Seller: I'm Gonna Do What's Called a Pro Gamer Move

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