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  1. China Uncensored

    Guess what? Demonetized!

  2. F Z

    “From the reformation of bark or branch no fruit will come forth. The renewal of verdure produces nothing. If there be no renewal of fruit from the tree, of what avail is the reformation of bark, blossom, branch and trunk? For a fruitless tree is of no special value. Similarly, of what avail is the reformation of physical conditions unless they are concomitant with spiritual reformations? For the essential reality is the spirit, the foundation is the spirit, the life of man is due to the spirit; the happiness, the animus, the radiance, the glory of man—all are due to the spirit; and if in the spirit no reformation takes place, there will be no result to human existence.”

    (Abdu'l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 279)

  3. rajamatt2

    Not all those soldiers in the rotation are normal soldiers. Some have special training and are members of special units. They now can do all kinds of interesting special things.

  4. Hill Belly

    I don’t know who is right or who is wrong , but for some reason that I don’t knowI hate your sh**ty look.

  5. Isaac Samuel

    Sorry dudes can't donate as I just turned 16, but will donate the moment I can if possible, if not, then at the earliest when I am able to donate. Kudos to U guyzz!!!👍👍👍👍

  6. Harley Su

    I hate when westerners use Hong Kong’s situation to promote their own political opinions. Take your pro gun speeches somewhere else, you guys know little to nothing about our city.

  7. Xiang Gu

    It is just me? Somehow you start to look like Mr potato head. Nice tan from protesting?

  8. Samuel Evans

    Its a discipline problem, millennials arguing agains their elders, and the adults are doing what makes sense for their culture. Its mostly about respect. And how seniority is ignored by millennials, and constant argument.

  9. zcl22

    Both the protestors and the police are at fault! Don’t pretend as if protestors never threw fire bombs at the police… You need to report both sides of the news. By the way, if you’re anti China, how about you change your background to Hong Kong instead of China???

  10. K A

    What's that Shelly and, I guess, Chris…dear God…thanks for…the truth.

    Sorry, Chris but Shelly is the best…smart and cute…you're as smart, but…well onto the news

    Please smile as I adore the China Uncensored Team…you, too!

    Being out in the middle of the 'demonstrations' with your first hand accounts, giving unbiased accounts is the best and priceless.

    Blessings for all of your equal rights. And the past rights given past laws.

    Difficult to be a…Hong Kong citizen… particularly if you endear democracy (even if the concept has imperfections).

    Please continue to be a beacon of light (democracy) given Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Never give up your life and Democracy.

    The ideals of Democracy are worth…demonstrating… or 'fighting for.' Blessings!

    I'd appreciate a 'bumper sticker' as I'd not be astonished if it 'accidentally' found it's way to my ass…bumper, that is. Again, Blessings. Keith

  11. Israel Gallegos

    I can't sleep at night knowing communism is on the rising to power even if it's sino-communism no one cares if it has a Chinese twist to it communism is communism no matter who does it

  12. yang gabriel

    If u dare to come to china, plz tell me to pick you up at the airport. I'm sure you would experience the hospitality from a normal chinese individual for the fake shits you made on youtube.

  13. John Stephen

    USA kicked-out completely the UK New England Crown Colony in 1776. Now China kicks-out
    completely the UK Hong Kong Colony in 2019. So surely USA should be saying 'Well done China, we kicked the Brits Ass out ,too.!

  14. slamdunkid1


  15. Paul Lemieux

    Why is YouTube siding with commies????????????????

  16. Matt NA

    Chris whilst I agree with the underpinnings of the protests, I have to say that pockets of the protestors are doing wilful damage and deserve to be locked up. They started a huge blaze in front of the police station tonight. These kinds of actions are going to lead to the PLA being forced to move in.

    I know the evil CCP are stepping on human rights and creating corruption but the conduct of pockets of the protestors have been increasingly dangerous and damaging.

    What we are witnessing is a new generation of defectors leaving HK to avoid the hostility of the Chinese Government. It may one day reach a point where the HK diaspora around the world become a minority as the Chinese mainland exerts increasing control over HK. We know they like to spread Han chinese from the mainland into different areas to overtake the local populations. They did it in Xinjiang as well.

  17. RO BERTO

    Carrie Lam acting very responsibility by giving good blow job to Xi jinping.

  18. dan j

    Keep voting Democrat and expect USA to become the next Country loyal to china.

  19. dan j

    Hong Kong's government and law enforcement is run by communists loyal to China. While Democrats are willing money slaves to communist China and ( Russia when Democrats are in power).

  20. Sledcat

    Little can be done about Hong Kong, but Taiwan's resilience has only STRENGTHENED, and the World is Watching!

  21. Up 'n' at 'em

    Would be nice to see untied nation troops move in on Hong Kong after all the deal was for 2047… Between Britain and China but somone broke this deal didn't they China.!!!!!!! China can't be trusted with anything.

  22. Delicious DeBlair


    Or at least take him out of power and maybe some public administrative discipline, not sure how extreme one should be, at least not without knowing his true colors and what he may have been doing in the past, or might be doing at the moment… ~( ,m,)~

  23. Junior

    I’m worried the iron will of the CCP will stomp on Hong Kong..I doubt the US would legally go to war with China since Hong Kong is “technically” part of China. Poor HK people.
    At least here in the States we think we’re free

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