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  1. ADVChina

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  2. DAllen2537

    What's up with authoritarian leaders being so tubby? Stalin is the only exception I can think of.

  3. Bryan Clark

    So weird that anybody would feel insecure about that. I've always thought he was a pretty handsome guy. In fact, if China did the things [China does] and had more of an evil looking dictator I would have a much lower opinion of China.

  4. aderek79

    So are some significant percentage of the mainland Chinese aware that in the west acting butthurt like this makes their leaders look weak and pathetic? I can't imagine that version of this video would be allowed.

  5. Der lachende Vampir

    I love coming home from Chinese class (which I started because of my Taiwanese girlfriend, but you were an inspiration as well) and get some more realistic content from you guys. No offense to my teacher, she's great and even has European citizenship, but of course it's completely apolitical since even our Swiss university is knee-deep involved with the CCP. So the timing is perfect!

  6. Saul 2Paul

    China government sucks!!!

  7. Ericness

    First of all guys. I'm an American. A real one. Believe it or not, it does not matter. But I've been watching you for years now.

    We as American would never let say Hawaii (Taiwan) leave the union. Nor would we let go of a city like New York (Hong Kong) just because they don't like the way we rule our nation. It helps to have a little perspective on what you're actually advocating for at times. I'm sure Winnie the Pooh was banned from showing as a likeness of Xi because it's just using a western cartoon to make fun of him for being fat. Trump put a fucking doctor on the podium to talk about how great his fucking genes were.

    I don't agree with censorship but winnie the pooh is as Winston would say, nonsense. It was barely even good as a child. Chinese people can just make their own childrens cartoons they don't need our western ones. You have an extreme pro-western bias and you want your surroundings to be Chinese flavored western living. Their country is still developing but watching from your videos life could definitely be worse. In America we are living paycheck to paycheck. Most of us don't have a niche of learning the Chinese language and documenting it for youtube.

    American right wingers over here are freaked out because capitalism is about to make 1+ billion individuals who can all buy things. Blizzard for example could have access to more gamers than total American population one day. And people who don't even play starcraft or other blizzard games are jumping in on the point the finger at China bullshit over a city because you're all bias towards their "likeness" of you.

    Just something to think about. America is on the verge of something really good or really bad. What good is the ability to say whatever I want when the poor people of this country revolt and institute a fascist dictatorship. Over these years of China not revolting against their government speaks volumes because their lives are being improved everyday and American's lives are worsening.

  8. Santa Hansen

    1 like for prostitution your welcome c-milk 🙂

  9. Flesh

    These kinds of people, who can't take a completely harmless joke, are ultimately the ones running the social credit system. Fun times ahead, I'm sure.

  10. Some Day Dreamer

    how do you type Wu Mao in Chinese? Wu as in the number? but mao?

  11. Kay Tee

    China’s Winnie the Pooh crisis

  12. Sl1pp1

    the intro ♥

  13. P Isac

    You should rename channel to ADVVietnam. And you should find some interesting content (about Vietnam for example), not this boring shit about China where you do not live anymore and do not drive, like, respect, etc…
    Except if you are paid by your patreons specificaly to making shit about China. If so, those are some suspicious patreons with questionable background and intentions.

  14. Nick Dane

    Love your videos guys! However, calling Nelson Mandela a communist terrorist is not normal.

  15. Garden City

    16:08 C Milk I had no idea you swung that way. Nice outfit! Will you ban me?

  16. SilvanaDil

    Trump is Christopher Robin — the leader. 🙂
    Btw, is there Winnie the Pooh in Hong Kong Disney and/or Shanghai Disney?

  17. Chandler Gies

    We got a visit from the govt censor at my school, they went through all the textbooks over a week and put postit notes with little wumao comments at anything they found objectionable. and this is after they were processed through the import censors. Some of the examples were basic definitions of communism in a section about european history and Karl Marx "Not how communism is in China!" [I'm like, bruh, thats not about you, be more sensitive?] or if modern china was referenced they'd mark that the inof wasn't party line nonsense. Completely unaware of differing worldviews, and how properly educated people can hear something they don't agree with and still learn.

  18. Space Battleship

    in NZ our prime minister is the queen of knee jerks. Also our politics is ripe for compatibility with CCP. We do not have rights, we have legal loop holes. In the law making process, police and lawyers ask the government for opposing things and they both get what they want. Same goes for foreign corporations and governments. We rank low on corruption indexes because we have mastered the legal loop hole!

  19. Obi wan Kanabis

    So the small chinese penis is also a mental cultural thing there?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Kiwionwing morton

    On massages in China

    European ladies working in China

    two friends who are teacher's in China both early 50s .

    Both talked of it. An afrikaans lady mentioned it, & she took joy taking her tourist woman friends from South Africa for massage ending in a happy ending. She did say she had petting happy ending.

    Another lady American citizen but French said was incredible

    Both women found it very frustrating to find White males to socialize with.

    Both said attitude was extremely relaxed about "the happy ending" the first time the French lady had massage she went back next day and tipped the masseuse.

  21. Garden City

    The CCP is taking China down the path of DPRK. (North Korea)

  22. S HQ

    Imagine if all of these international brands that have stores in china came together and spoke against the regime, would China seriously boycott them all and ban them within the country given the demand? I'm a little surprised they haven't thought of this yet, put the shoe on the other foot and see how it all pans out

  23. Elysium420

    Holy shit, link to the thumbnail please

  24. Paul Rice

    The North Korean 🇰🇵 lead is the evil 👿 Winnie the poo 💩

  25. Coke Pepsi

    sucks if you're a legit Winnie the Pooh fan in china

  26. Paul Rice

    Yes the Chinese are very insecure 😟, they are afraid 😱 to being poor and force to eat their neighbors dog 🐕 and then lying 🤥 to their neighbors while they are picking dog 🐕 meat 🍖 out of their teeth 🦷.

  27. Jason Ahn

    When I was a kid, I thought Winnie the Pooh was called wiener the poo and I translated that into Korean as Gochu da Dong. As a grown up,Gochu da Dong is what I call Presitator Xi

  28. GilgameshEthics

    Making ridiculous statement with practice of Falun Gong make floating in the air possible.

    What a sentence.

  29. Ethan Ngai

    Russia gave honey as a gift to China

  30. Paul Rice

    Chinese 🇨🇳 Winnie the poo 💩 is going to kill all of your children 👶 all for just a little honey 🍯

  31. hitadhunbish xxx

    chinese culture is a kowtow culture, that's why majority of chinese feels nothing wrong with banning winnie the pooh.

  32. Oshiba88

    18:10 and if you are at it, just drop some creampies into some hairy chinese pussy and fill that snapper up 😉

  33. Matt M

    I laughed a lot at the beginning of this video. Winston was hilarious lol

  34. Arneldo Bumatay

    I was wondering when you were going to mention all the roadside trash seen throughout the video until @17.22

  35. Weston Dennis

    Do you think uploading this (thumbnail too lol) could cause issues if you try and re enter China?
    I'm sure there's some evil-uncle-to-be's monitoring your videos

  36. Shotgunmad xl

    C-milk are you wearing a wig?

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