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  1. Kimberly Davis

    I know she's happy and excited. So excited she fainted from the shock of her boyfriend's surprise proposal. Congratulations to the both of you. I wish you a life of happiness, love and prosperity.💖

  2. Ray Mak

    The lights!

  3. Viola Jackson

    I guess she really did fall for him.

  4. Nafets


  5. Soniverse

    I wonder why it happens 🤔


    looks fake


    she was like……..so much money to spend


    She felt because she made from chine

  9. Darksider95

    You know she really wanted to say no but with all those eyes on her, the only way to get out of the deadlock marriage was to fake a fainting 😵

  10. Mickey C

    I proposed to my wife then I fainted coz I realized what I just got myself into….

  11. Vj Santos

    She can't say no, so she improvised…🤣 (Just kidding, congrats!)

  12. peapoo4

    Wow, figure of speech, actually happened for real.

  13. Jerry Li

    Maybe she was thinking he was just a sis

  14. FLW96


  15. Venus

    Dat mean she got too excited. Me i just cried.

  16. Steven

    orchestrated, that's how you get attention all over the net. a simple surprise proposal is no longer enough to get talked about. lol

  17. Kenny Groth

    Of course they got this on camera, this is china

  18. j p

    Bless you guys…be happy

  19. asianthor

    Hey, those bouquet of flowers are expensive, if his girlfriend doesn't come out of this OK, he can give it to another girl.

  20. Han Than

    Oke my case report for presentation… Too much excited can causes faint

  21. Ghost ツ

    Well u can say she’s overwhelmed with emotions

  22. Vinothkumar V

    She literally fell for him.

  23. Anthony Lopez

    Hope she is okey

  24. [-_-;]


  25. OG


  26. Kiat San

    This is what married couples go through everyday. They faint.

  27. Din Joekhannaz

    Luckily he dont propose her at a bridge or hilltop,.. very dangerous….

  28. dedee aminah

    Dude: will you marry me
    Me: huh? What did ya say AGAIN?
    dude: will y marry me
    Me: wth man, theres no such thing lol

  29. Genova

    She fainted because she can't say no in front of thousands and when she wake up she just pretend nothing ever happened

  30. Sonya Monozova

    Hahaha China

  31. Chelsea Wang

    I don't know.. its just some random chinese guy

  32. Jofx

    Plot twist: She fainted because lack of water/food

  33. javed_mamun

    A powerful proposal can make beloved faint…

  34. godkingmaximusII

    I fainted when my brothers girlfriend was more hot than mine.

  35. Anonymous Anonymous

    Woman: I'd rather d… faints.

  36. Nightcor EDM

    Pros: when she fainted she curled up into a little ball of cuteness

  37. imeldo marcos

    This is actually the dumbest way to propose….. Let everyone know ? How to reject nicely ? Faint ?

  38. Rainbow

    She fainted because she didn't wanna embarrass him in front of the whole world. 😨😝

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