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  1. Melody Mckane

    No offence but Asian people are brilliant at whatever they do

    PS: I'm not Asian


    0:05 MÉXICO

  3. harriet hoskins

    1:04 LMAO 😂😂😂

  4. nettraveller

    1:01 Why are they taking shower with towels? Its so annoying.

  5. Maco Gomez

    Why do divers have such a perfect bodies?

  6. 日向正宗


  7. Ogi the sergal

    The American has a badass moustache…..

    It's on fleek.

  8. 水晶猪猪侠

    slightly better? but I'm not blind, it's so much better.

  9. lizzy mcland

    k but why is no one talking about how baby tom is?🥰🥰

  10. Gabriel Huff

    no full version?

  11. Lucy

    Estos hombres son apasionados al realizar esto 🙁 me encanta!

  12. Googan Dane


  13. Gabriel Nersessian

    Whoever you are and whatever you do there will always be a Chinese guy better than you

  14. Duchesse Félicité-

    i think im into swimming boys now–

  15. Vidserver

    Lol china..

  16. Cesca 2806

    I looked

  17. eef

    Like arent they super scared that miniscule swimming pants thingy is gonna slip of hahaha id be petrified

  18. Saki Inui

    I love how they fell back into the pool lol

  19. JÆRRY Øfficial

    Chen is Chen-sational 😂 if you know what I mean.

  20. HELLO niggas

    no matter what you do theres always an asian better than you

  21. Julia Hilt

    I'm from Germany but I was still rooting for Britain, because you know… Tom Daley 😂

  22. جنرال موتورز General Motors

    Did you know that the Chinese people are invincible

  23. A G

    Can we talk about how Chen Aisen bent down to make sure he didn’t block the US team but quickly realised it wasn’t needed 😂 2:10

  24. Anu R


  25. MLA9499


  26. Jason Huang

    0:10 why do we need to see two armpits that are kinda hairy LOL

  27. Heaven Green

    Tom! Also all of them are ridiculously hot

  28. drunk1kangaroo

    Is that guy's name really steele johnson?

  29. •zloxy•

    Theres always an asian better than you

  30. Pure Audio

    Imagine if they had a boner

  31. Giltoks

    asian precision

  32. Croissant Stories

    o l a v e r d e

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