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  1. suryom

    very beautiful Chinmaya!

  2. Krishna Vyasosho


  3. Premgit Roesli

    Sweet like a dream, cutting like a sword – bringing us home to freedom and responsability. I bow down in awe and thank you for the gift. Premgit

  4. vidyanityam

    Thank you so much beloved Chinmaya, what a beautiful gift this is!

  5. TerraIncognitaTube

    Great work

  6. pontepolentepontepi

    Marvellous video :-)))

  7. Victor Palafox

    alguien puede poner subtitulo en español

  8. bsherman2006

    Many thanks. Peace.

  9. amaltaash

    A masterpiece …. for Peace.

    Thank you so much.

  10. Swami Neelamber

    Timeless! It's a stunning work of art Chinny. Congratulations!
    Dragging the flv file straight out of my cache!

  11. bhavnath

    Beautiful !

  12. Meera Osho

    beloved chinmay
    this is a marvellous peace of art

    yours love

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