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  1. Rock God

    Wow…She is gorgeous 😊😊

  2. evelyn baron

    Know this segment is one of a compendium of several reliable experts in this field; Joe Rogan you are the podcast pioneer and have consistently welcomed speakers who hold a wide spectrum of beliefs and presuppositions; there are few people out there like you in this age of tribalism. My Dad's greatest legacy to me was Curiosity — my mom's a sense of humour and that gets me through life; sometimes a mystical moment doing lengths in a pool, or Gregorian chants, or learning something new in whatever medium or blasting out a Tom Petty song; all good. I know Rich Roll the extreme endurance athlete is a huge admirer for good reason.

  3. That One Guy

    So take a Xanax before you do a lipid panel? Got it lol

  4. Goztepe2002

    Ms microbiome is back.

  5. Stu Str

    America has intelligent people like this Doc. And trump is president.

  6. Aras B

    Important information at 6:38 about the gut barrier and cholesterol. Worth listening to a few times.

  7. Will.Power Fitness

    This lady is the reason the n.a.s.m book was so ridiculous

  8. Shman Frontal

    She isnt that smart as hot. No Critique because she is very hot 😀 but now getting serious…

    Parts of it seem like false-science. First: Mucin is a Glycoprotein, a lack of Carbs does a deficiency in Mucin, first described (as i know) by Shou-Ching and her husband Paul. Thats by th way the prove for those people wehich say that carbs arent essential… just bullshit.

    When you have a bad Microbiom (f.e. SIBO) than all these fucking Bacteria will eat up the glucose and thats why you lose mucin (or even get dry eyes). So its not a lack of short fatty acids. Over Production of Mucin is seen in Cancer in the Gastro Tract, and (for me) unsurpringsly, the People which consume the most fermentend foods also have the highest rate of Stomach Cancer and other gastro Cancer (for example Japan). I dont think her way because every bacteria does endotoxin, so the safest way would be to have a low populated gut instead of making it grow through feeding it. When Bacteries eat up the little Carbs you taking( because the truth is that most people actually living low carb without even knowing it) und making short fatty acids, than you get insulin ressintance and than the cvd will come along fast. In my opinion Rhonda, and many others, have a total wrong perspective on health or at least function. and BTW: It doesnt make any differnce if u eat Sugar (Disaccharide) or Starch since Starch is splittet via a Amylase in the duodenum, so the Gut will recievie "sugar" in every case doesnt matter if u eat sugar or starches, but Starch and fiber will feed Bacteria up which, as i said, is not really a good thing since many bacteria seem the surpress a lot of enyzmes in our body (and the other negatives like endotoxin of course and etc)

  9. beanie man

    I'd love to get up to my nuts in her guts!

  10. Chael Sonnen

    I'd stick my cock in her

  11. Johnathan Priest

    I wish I had examples of the times I asked people where they thought they had the most immune cells in their bodies lol.

  12. Jason Viola

    Very instructive

  13. Shampoo Fully

    Damn, I'm cooking pasta right now

  14. Joseph Passey

    Your gut

  15. SS Landscapes Fencing Specailist

    She's cute

  16. FadGadget1

    Keto diet is the only way to go

  17. fetB

    10:20 i think had that and i thought it's good… like a lubricant to get the shit out (literally)

  18. AverageJak

    not sure why shes getting props? she cant articulate this at all.. what a mess

  19. Jimi Cymbals

    Too bad it cut off at the 13:11 mark. It was getting very interesting. Does anyone know if there is a longer version that can be
    viewed? If so I'd really appreciate the info. Thanks.

  20. Scott Olson

    24,000 studies on Nutrition last year How many do you think agree with each other? That being said Good job on a wealth of information and de educating people.

  21. Matthew Bittenbender

    My cholesterol was extremely high up til last year. Since my late 20’s it was just over 200 and climbed steadily ever since. My HDL was extremely high and my doctors weren’t too upset but cautioned me all the same. I worked out like a fiend and took supplements that I came to realize scavenged the LDL. So it wasn’t building up and stayed as serum cholesterol in my blood. My diet was trash – comfort food, beer, lots of fast food which had trans fats. Eventually the HDL and LDL began to get closer but HDL stayed higher. My triglycerides were very high too. I was prescribed fenofibrate to counter that. I tried statins which made me feel awful and quit them 8 years ago, but it feels like I just shook their affects 4 years ago.

    I began to experiment with ketosis. I worked out again and made sure to always get my heart rate up a 3-4 times a week. I still ate candy and pastries and drank beer and wine but I didn’t so close to to my eating times. I upped my insolvable fiber with lots of quinoa and other grains. I cut back in bread and pasta which I believe reduced the amount of Candida in my gut that promotes bloating and inflammation while reducing the good bacteria. I took more probiotics. I also switched to cooking with coconut oil and MCT oil which also scavenged cholesterol. My stomached flattened and my appetite regulated and I lost about 20 lbs and my joint pain subsided. I’m 49. My last cholesterol test was at 205.

    I’m surprised more and more how gut health is the alpha and omega of our metabolic health. I’m further amazed at how complex this system is.

  22. Daniel Moses

    There's not many people I enjoy listening to more than Rhonda.

  23. Istvan Kertesz

    Wow, now it makes sense why my cholesterol was off the fucking chart a few days after quitting smoking cold turkey at 30. Thank god I didn't listen to the doc pushing medication aggressively.

  24. xxx xxx

    My cholesterol was insanely high for a thin guy like me ,I didn't even know that medications were there to improve it , I thought to cut fats but I forgot it long back and started living as usual. I thought since I was slim, the lipid profile would be wrongly measured.

    My mom passed away in my arms complaining burning sensation in her right of side , I thought it was acidity, but ,it was a heart attack, no pain , no symptoms.
    I was devasted. I still am !
    I checked it 2 months ago and it increased even more.
    So, I researched and made a plan
    Here, was my plan :

    1) I cut all processed sugar to zero.
    2) I took to Intermittent Fasting / Autophagy not intentionally infact I didn't even know about it but because I stopped eating food due to depression and sadness of my mom's passing away I would not consume anything for hours sometimes for a good 3 days.

    3) I started consuming nuts and legumes (but soaked them in water for 20 hours before that to remove lectins) whenever I would eat.

    Did zero exercise actually.

    4) I had just 10 mg of crestor + fenofibrate 140 mg for a month.

    Checked the lipid profile again :

    All my lipid profile got on the lower end of normal, My doctor was shocked at this.

    I realised after studying and research that high cholesterol is a side effect of inflammation in the body. I started consuming the usual Indian herbs and spices (cloves, cinnamon, garlic, cilantro,pepper, turmeric) and my body has never been better. I never knew we had everything in Ayurveda but we modern Indians didn't believe it or trust its efficacy.

    I cut crestor and all drugs now since I'm just 29 years old.
    I started consuming garlic , ginger, turmeric ,cloves, cinnamon, black Pepper, lime, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, cornsilk, Brahmi , pomegranate, carrots, green leaves. I'm sure that this will prevent the body inflammation within.

    I wish I knew all of this before my mom passed away. Be really cautious of your health is what I would suggest everyone. My mom had zero health issues, she looked young for her age (66) , she only used to stay depressed and that used to trigger her ,she wasn't fat ,she wasn't at all someone, I thought who'd die this fast infact my dad has diabetes, blood pressure, low immunity what not ! and he's 5 years older to my mom but still is alive. To learn is – you never know what's happening to your body within. I never knew I would have such a high cholesterol for a thin me.

    Be safe guys. God bless you ,pray for my mom's soul.

  25. Ednan Ghamyan

    As I learnt from this great video, It's vital to test for LDL multiple times; a single test is insufficient and often leads to a misdiagnosis. One stressing about a situation would elevate his LDL "through the roof"; a reading on that single day would mislead a patient that he has high cholesterol. This would cause him to undergo an expensive and perilous treatment involving cholesterol meds which could have been avoided.

  26. PearsAreOkay


  27. Ryan Johnston

    I like mucin and milk for breakfast!

  28. Ramil Urazmanov

    Fuck, that's mindblowing

  29. Eli Otis

    It’s almost embarrassing how dumb Amos is compared to this woman.
    “100 trillion is more than there has been people in the world”…..Ya think ?

  30. 32ways

    Cut out bread & sugar

    You're welcome

  31. Skitzo Lucky

    These two should date

  32. Musicbug

    So …. basically …. we should all be on a raw plant based diet …. but of course nobody wants to hear that! That's so extreme. Rather stick a stent in your vein or have a bypass altogether …. far less extreme!

  33. Larry Myers

    I would slam her like a beast and then drain my nutt sack inside her

  34. Maximus Surrealius

    For fucks sake, it wasn't just trans-fats. It was polyunsaturated seed oils, also. PUFAs are immunosuppressive and inflammatory. Even with this knowledge, they were considered "healthy" because they tend to lower cholesterol. All the saturated fats (tallow) used in cooking (McDonald's fries in the 70s) were replaced with garbage oils and they have fucked us up. The removal of trans-fats is a small part of the cooking oil screw up, all done to promote "heart-healthy" stupid shit.

  35. Yitcok Shegitz

    So you can just ripoff Rogans content and repost it?

  36. Biscottone 33

    No sugar and a lot of fiber= No gut inflammation
    Ldl cholesterol + gut inflammation = bad

  37. Scott O'Brien

    She is all over the place with her explanation. She doesn't complete a thought. She is jumping from one part of the body to next. I don't think she really knows what she is trying to explain.

  38. hoegaardenzo

    TL:DR at 12:50

  39. A. Soul

    Grossest girl ever alert!!!!!!!!

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