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  1. Mary

    Lady Gag Gag in her wildest dreams could never sing like Christina Aguilera.

  2. derek0173

    OMG is she fine and awesome or what!!!!???

  3. perla castillo

    Que hermoso video me encanta cadaves que lo veo me causa las mismas emociones me encanta!!!!!

  4. Ruthline Cannister

    Lips like sugar canr

  5. shadecinder666

    fuck i miss the navy…

  6. Seaycee On Crack

    You know how talented somebody is when you still hear their songs on the radio after years and years. So.. I'm quite sure she's that somebody..

  7. Seaycee On Crack

    You can say whatever you want, but she still has the best singing voice in the world.

  8. Favour N

    Sep 2019 anyone ?

  9. Gyzlarbeg Goroglyewa


  10. Matthew Chang

    Wait that’s not three different ladies but Christina Aguilera just wearing three different wigs…

  11. Blumen Kind

    0:48 Madonna?!

  12. Валентин Нестеров

    было дело

  13. GARMAT Te Informa

    Amazing song!!! great video!!!

  14. Christopher Diego Corona

    Kinda sounds like https://youtu.be/8of3uhG1tCI

  15. coolcool1997

    You know when I was young i thought there were three different women singing haha

  16. j s m

    esta canción tiene un aire a smokin de Boston

  17. Adam Pohl

    Isn't this a parody of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?

  18. Janayael Amed


  19. Dannielle j Hill

    Its in the eyes chico lmaooo blushing

  20. Dannielle j Hill

    Ur using him to hurt me

  21. Dannielle j Hill

    Lol get u going dose it lol not him at all u got a girl crush lol

  22. Feliciapinky M0rton

    These men look like they have not seen a woman in years

  23. Matheus BR

    Algum brasileiro vendo em setembro de 2019 ?

  24. vam

    try to surch up candyman the creppy song ending up this too much engry and happines i don't like i

  25. Naara Corvalán

    Alguien sabe que otra canción es de éste tipo? Me encantan, pero es la única que encontré

  26. Sarah Oufkir

    She has a special and wonderfull voice

  27. Desiree Becker

    This is my jazz song omg

  28. Tu mama Figueroa

    Estas canciones eran re buenas :'), 2019? Alguien?

  29. Sergiorodriz

    Las pajas que me hice con este video

  30. Lord Brahaam

    Like si estas aqui por malcolm el de en medio por la cancion que canta francis y la escuela militarizada candy man

  31. :v Mochi

    Amo el video aún💜

  32. Miha XoX

    Run a sweet drink to fly 🌌🍍🍹🍷

  33. depressed amy

    My kindergarten school makes the whole 6 year old kids including me dance to this for a school concert

  34. игорь трошин

    смертельный танец отрублена голова капытана

  35. JohnatanBrito26

    C a n d y m a n 🎶❤

  36. Mariana Ortiz


  37. Eric clarindo

    Flor e beija onde anda esse olha qui diz ser tão vazio kkkk

  38. B. Lloyd Reese

    The aqua candy man is better

  39. Sam 98

    Peggy Carter right after Steve Rogers got injected with the super soldier serum:

  40. English Cad

    Amazing vocal range.

  41. William Jesus Benson

    Sugar daddy

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