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  1. Tom Smith

    Best R&B Christmas Soul and Contemporary Songs (Perfect Christmas Music) Christmas Playlist

  2. jazzwatch64

     The music is a little sacchrine…but LOVE Pops vocal…..3 1/2 stars……..

  3. Seagate Purna Dewa

    Great ….. !

  4. Jill Ettison

    Lovely thank U for sharing, and merry christmas

  5. Michelle-Lee White

    This is lovely.

  6. José Manuel Rosa

    Great voice of Satchmo!!! Beautiful forever!

  7. Bartosz Rabiega

    good stuff

  8. RuncosWeeklyMusic

    Hey I'm glad you guys are lovin the music!!!! Thanks for listening and for the support… Happy Holidays!!!

  9. Marie Ralph

    Thanks, RuncosWM.
    Louis Armstrong And His Friends
    May 26, 1970, New York.
    Recorded at the same session as "What A Wonderful World".

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