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  1. Dead_Walker468

    2:07 Kingdom hearts?

  2. Magda Michalak


  3. Detective Joelite

    If you introduce into your family tradition to have 20 children, you will have a family of 64 million , not counting the intermarried ones after 5 generations , that is building a civilasation

  4. Nick Andrews

    Just one more turn!

  5. Tomás Santos

    This is now my religion

  6. Lord Gigenshtain

    Just captured a city. Go america!

  7. Feuerkr1eger

    Oh man, we sang this song in school!!! I decided to find this song later and oh my!:) (Waldorfschule)

  8. 립스틱스틱

    Baba love

  9. Alex Fort


  10. 립스틱스틱


  11. 박동현

    Earth ost

  12. Spatial Awareness

    Make this the Earth International Anthem.

  13. Frederik Høyrup

    Reminds me of a book I read. When Louis the 14 of france made his cannons. He had one phrase stamped on them. "LAST ARGUMENT OF KINGS".

  14. 明仁

    華裔的驕傲 田志仁

  15. ItzMasonTimz

    Anyone else here from zurcaroh’s performance on America’s got talent

  16. Alex Peter Silvasi

    "actual ingame footage"

  17. Dashiell Stephenson

    I can't stop listening it's just so empowering!

  18. Rolando Corona

    Where is the tenor gang?

  19. Rolando Corona

    This song will haunt me for the rest of my life! I sang this song twice for different choirs. I will always love this song, even though the song will be engraved into my head.

  20. munga1111

    The finest piece of clitoral aprreciation ever.

  21. Dule Kop


  22. Ryu the Smasher

    It's a shame Civ 5's menu theme wasn't written by Christopher Tin, I really enjoy listening to both Baba Yetu and Sogno Di Volare. Civ 5 just seems like the odd one out in the list.

  23. Smo-king

    Imagine being a grammy judge, hearing this and asking "Where is this song from? Why did I never hear it?" And the intern be like "Civ 4 should really try it out"

  24. ghostlylover99123

    this song is literally the "our father" prayer

  25. Sunnzo

    this song will never get old. With the music video, it's such a tale of the progression of humanity.

  26. 나다


  27. Peter Wright

    This song cures depression.

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