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  1. Onion Face

    I believe the narcissistic abuse I dealt with for 6 years (plus many more years of hoovering) from my In Laws caused my multiple illnesses. I've read that genetic illnesses can surface because of stress. My Endocrinologist tested my cortisol levels and they were high. I had so much stress. I cried all the time. I couldn't feel any joy and I was miserable. Those people were destroying my soul. It wasn't until I finally cut them off that I began to heal spiritually and physically. Although I am still ill, I am no longer available for them to abuse. They no longer have power over me and karma has come for them. Now they're the miserable ones. They're now dealing with illness as well.

    I have a friend who believes stress made her ill too. Toxic energy is like slowly drinking poison.

  2. Heather Noelle

    Thank you, this is so timely for me. I cannot seem to get well, no matter what I try.

  3. Debbie Wagner

    I was with my ex narc for 22 years, and I was so sick for that whole time, I got worse and worse! I got addicted to pain meds to kill the pain!

  4. mallory

    I've been gaslighted by the mental health system adding to my condition. I believe it is now dangerous to become diagnosed and "treated." Add poverty and no support to this and your screwed. If not for help I find on YouTube I would have had to kill myself already. My reaction to the gaslighting I've received from toxic mental health workers is just considered a part of my pathological condition compounding the situation.

  5. Linda Dunlap

    How does this help with healing? I guess some people want to learn about this but I just want to heal and hear that I have hope.

  6. Le Mon Tree

    I had cancer due to workplace stress >depression >neglected health… Plus I had a covert narc on my side… He was not psychopath, but still took toll on me

  7. Galia Pundak

    I got sudenly sevear asthma atack allmost died twice in emergency room
    The satan narc abuse made me breath so bed from stress

  8. nats daley

    Feel to heal ❤️🙏

  9. nats daley

    I had Fibroids for years
    I thought it was normal having such heavy cycles.
    My ex Narc would often tell me my feeling perspective were because of my cycle my Fibroids hell everything but him.
    When my fibroid was removed I swear it was like a fog lifted I saw him I heard him then I left.

  10. Jo-1111

    I only just realised he was/is an abuser. Cheated on me for the five years I was with him. But was happy to keep taking from me both money, goods paying for services like haircuts massages. I paid for most things. He shows zero remorse and seems happy he was successful in the pain he caused both me and my children who are now adults but looked to him as a father. He lied to them and abandoned them after false promises. He was verbally abusive with a tongue so sharp you couldn’t question him. Controlled everything including phone calls. Cold calculated and evil. Joined forces with the other woman to blame me accuse me and to lie about me. He has no conscience. He really does celebrate his nasty evil ways and success in destroying me. I think he is happy I’ve been incredibly ill for the past 20 months and would be happier had I died. My immune system crashed. A man who hides behind the bible. I was really taken in by the most evil con man. I feel sorry for his next victim and hope him and the other woman rot in hell for their lies and false malicious accusations. Lucky for me we’ve all been watched so people know exactly what he is. My body totally broke down but now I’m in a different place, healing.

  11. Kellee Morris

    I so appreciate the skill with which you really offer an opportunity to get out of the addiction to suffering which can become such an intrinsic part of our existence. One of the things I have realised Is often, the codependant in us gets addicted to the suffering, they actually don’t know who they be without it and therefore spin round and round in the wheel of suffering which, as I think I heard you say, ends up perpetuating our own sickness Even when the narcissist is no longer around. It’s kind of profound in a very sick way how deeply committed we are to victimhood and suffering even when it’s beyond mind , It’s like being addicted to the suffering and toxicity as though it’s like a Demon inside us we are growing. I would like to join the masterclass. This is the first body of material I have found that does not seem to just perpetuate the problem but rather shines light on it and offers a clear way out. Thank you very much. I have a renewed sense of hope that my health issues really make it better now that I am clear about the insidious cycle I have been in without even realising it. Thank you so much Melanie <3

  12. Tina McHenry

    Thank you darling ♡

  13. Ladélle Rendell

    I wish you didn't read from a screen.
    I really want to watch and listen to you, but it's very frustrating knowing that you're not talking from your heart.
    You're research and information you proved is great though.

  14. Deanna Hollinger

    XOXO Melanie I so appreciate you! Ty

  15. Brenda Smith

    Geez. I’ve got one heck of a story about this issue specifically.

  16. chalarenee101

    My daughter and I are 4 years out of our 14 year abuse from her dad. A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune and my daughter had to be pulled from high school her senior year due to chronic migraines.

  17. paulzedx636 ninja

    Before I moved into an apartment with a narc I felt like I could take on the world. Afterwards I felt like I was weak as a cat, it definitely break's you down. 😅

  18. Tamara Dagenais

    You’re so awesome

  19. nicolaxoxo1

    I did not realize it at the time, but one of the ways I was abused was via sleep deprivation. He did this to keep me off balance, therefor less capable of escape. He often would purposely keep me up before a horse riding competition knowing that I would not drive my truck and trailer with no sleep. He resented the time I spent on hobbies. Someone who TRULY loves you would be HAPPY if you had a hobby you enjoyed. The narc just saw it as less time I had to devote to him, so he resented it.

  20. Nadine Liverpool

    Anyone else diagnosed with Thyroid Disease (auto-immune disease) after suffering narc abuse? I've been taking medication for the past 6 months to get my thyroid levels back to normal. But C-PTSD is something I'm still going through after a year away from the narc.

  21. Sinjinmonsoon Monsoon

    I have an eating disorder and a bleeding disorder. My Narc is telling people she gave me a bone marrow transplant because I was dying and she was my only hope. People actually believe her. She also says I stole her multi million dollar inheritance. It's my sister and none of this is true. It seems every time I see somebody they have a story from my sister where she is the hero, victim, saviour and martyr. She also claims to be psychic and see's ghosts and can heal you with crystals and tell your future. My other sister is a sociopath and a cop. She calls 911 on me regularly.

  22. Jill Rock

    Melanie, how are you? I love that pink blouse! I am a witness to NARP, and the true power of Quanta Freedom Healing. I suffered from surviving a narc mother, and the subsequent narc lovers and friends that this painful childhood brings. I was suicidal by age 16. After one major narc lover break-up, I was hospitalized in psych wards six times while diagnosed as bipolar-depressed. This went on for nearly ten years, the meds, the psychiatrists, the therapists, the suicide attempts, the re-hospitalization. Now, after over just 1 year with Quanta Freedom Healing, I am completely off all psych meds, depression/mood supplements, and diet restrictions. NARP, using quantum physics, WORKS! Heal NOW! Melanie Tonia Evans is the BEST HEALER.💖💖💖

  23. Leslie Miller

    Take the Free Masterclass! The system Melanie has developed is beautiful.

  24. Denise Michael

    The one I had died last week. I am trying to find a way to get through this. I am not sure what to do. I could sure use help!🌺

  25. Tammy Timothy

    How do I get trauma out of myself…. I fast… I exercise… I drink lots of water…. it's like I have a hole in my spirit.. where my energy/ life force is … I can't seem to generate energy….my skin has lost its shine….my inner light has dimmed… I went No Contact 3 years ago from my narcissistic family… I was the scapegoat youngest daughter…. I have no friends… people are look at me like I have a horrible disease…. my Spirit is intact and I will be patient…. please help… Thanks for the video

  26. 우주 설탕우주 설탕

    I've been told by my doctor I'm extremely stressed, all the time to the point where if you put your fingers on the back of my neck behind my jaw you can actually feel my muscles spazzing. ALL THE TIME, 24/7!!! NO MATTER WHAT. I didn't even realize it was that bad.

  27. marsha davis

    Jesus,Melannie I am sooooooo sorry that I took so long to learn about a narcissist. I suffer from clinical depression,panic attack and anxiety.I am on antidepressants and there are times when my scalp feels like a million ants are biting me on my head and it burns so much that I scream. I never experienced any of this before the narc,Melanie I thank you very much for opening our eyes all over the world with the tremendous amount of work that you are doing to help someone like me. I am very scared that I won't get better., but thanks to you Melanie I have hope.Lots of love to you and your family.

  28. Maxine

    PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia, Diabetes Type II, Depression, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, headaches, infections…..through my whole 11 year marriage until I was so sick I thought I’d die. 12 months free my health is better. I’m still healing though. People think once they’ve gone you are just happy and fine and move on. Not so. I had days when I couldn’t even get out of bed and now I’m still very isolated and have little desire to do any activities. Much love survivors. ❤️

  29. Jay C

    Mental and physical exhaustion. I was hoslitalised many times. I am a man in my 20s

  30. Life is a Journey

    Some that I know who were in a narcissistic relationships have complained about muscle pain and constant migraines due to the high levels of stress accumulated throughout the abuse.

  31. Reginald Bailey

    I truly appreciate your information and I’ve actually experienced some documented health issues pre and post narcissistic abuse experience when in my previous relationship with a narcissistic person.

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