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  1. drakondriu

    Forsaken holding the banner: "The Horde is wot m8?"

  2. Katinor

    Frostmourne – reinforcement user

    Shalamayne – kill user

  3. Toxic911 Animations

    Saurfang: So when we do Mak’Gora, it’s just physical fighting and no magic or that’s cheating, right?
    Thrall and Durotan: Well yes, but actually no

  4. Ben

    The axe should be in his main hand tbh. More deeps.

  5. Hakim Benzaïd

    Gamon will save us !

  6. daniēls veips

    Sylvanas left the chat

  7. yazid yatim

    lose the battle..win the war…for the horde

  8. Jullian Ashes

    How can we resurrect him ? T.T

  9. Maximy D.Reaper

    Didn't Sylvanas cheat in this duel? Wasn't magic forbidden when it comes to Mak'gora ?

  10. jc j

    For the NOTHING!!!!!!

  11. Bromidium

    Horde Blacksmiths be like kling kling

  12. Varian Wrynn

    İ should kill her long time ago….

  13. Kaarlo

    In the end, death claims us all.

    Sylvanas' got the point. Standing as one, howling for honor. Still only a puppet on silver plate.

  14. Mikey Robinson

    Imagine a 2-3 hour film in this style

  15. Hiphopsoul Верещагин

    ???: Whoever split the sword of Azeroth, if he be worthy he shall possess the power of Blizzard entertainment and get killed

  16. Obosi

    Saurfang – FOR AZEROTH!
    Sylvanas – HAVADA KADABRA!!

  17. Rasitha Senevirathne

    why is it always that the game play does not match the trailers man… this would be up there with god of war if it was a single player story game.

  18. Charissa Hayes

    I think her "The Horde is Nothing" and her words after that, when the recently possible leaks are taken into consideration, imply that she sees the Horde as nothing compared to what they need to fight currently.

  19. Sean K

    Zappyboi wants to rez
    Saurfang refuses rez
    Zappyboi: 🙁

  20. 1987MartinT

    Death in battle. Saving his people.

  21. Symetrum

    Achilles vs Hector remixed

  22. I see Everything!

    Bliizard made so many cinematics on him I knew this was coming…

  23. I see Everything!

    3:36 last stand..

  24. vinay s

    better than many movies today 😉

  25. Divergent Evolution

    Wow, almost 2 decades of development and they had to roll it all back to original to keep relevant. You know you are horrible devs when.

  26. gabriel jolly

    The game has begin who will make their first move on the chess board

  27. Mike Edrosa

    You would follow this.. thing? Will you? You would follow this demon? I WILL NOT! I FOLLOW A TRUE ORC! A chieftain…

  28. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ

    sylvana is just badass amazing

  29. Bryan Young


    Also "Sylvanas has left the game"

  30. Chaz Chartrand-Morin

    While the Forsaken might have been only loyal to Sylvanas when they joined the Horde, it's not hard to believe that their loyalties would end up being towards the Horde after so many years, especially now that she showed her true colors. Sylvanas might have liberated them from the grip of the Scourge, but in the end it was the Horde that gave them a place to call home.

  31. petter qq

    1:42 how she lifing two swords with one hand

  32. Emre Cemcem

    Lords of Orgrimmar have returned!

  33. Islam Benfifi

    I'm waiting for Sylvanas to die so I can get back to playing WoW again.

  34. Paige Turner

    Sylvanas: The Horde is nothing!
    Banner Bae: What am I, chopped liver?

  35. Haotian Zhang

    Traitor uses alliance’s sword tried to kill The hord’s war chief.

  36. charjin bibimbap

    Horde is nothing

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