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  1. Don Sturgeon

    I delivered Detroit Free Press as a child to but now I want to be a councilman

  2. sisyphus-wins

    I miss the, "No, I'm not a robot" outro! Can you put it back in?

  3. Ronald Spencer

    Self dealing.

  4. ron5935

    Du Page County Illinois pulled the same trick around 5 years ago. Du Page is heavy Republican.

  5. daddyjohn2007


  6. Mike Chambers

    Regardless of the outcome of the mayor’s effort, the mayor should instruct payroll processing to include in councilors income the net present value of a perpetual annuity and watch how fast councilors want to give this benefit back.

  7. Neil Kelly

    You mean the fertilizer hit the ventilator. Good video.

  8. glenn s

    Crooks exposed. What about all those that lost jobs becuase of frivolous lawsuits brought against the companies like Blitz who made gas cans and becuase their products were misused by idiots got sued becuase they got burned by misusing their product when they poured gasoline on a fire..

  9. Martha

    Corruption at its finest! Health care benefits for life it’s ridiculous! Not even our veterans who served our country get the health care they need.

  10. Don Diego

    It isn't how politics just on a local level. "We have to pass it so we know what's in it" was uttered by a well known US congress person. The corruption in all levels of our government is beyond compare. Now we the people need to figure out how to fix it. Our vote is the best starting point but sadly it is possible it won't be the ending point.

  11. Erik Kovacs

    "It's good to be the King."

    -Mel Brooks

  12. Sherry Aimee

    Those dirty bastards

  13. Chris Moody

    And we wonder why we hate the political class.

  14. milwscruffy

    Government, Politics, Lawyers, Etc… Hard to find a non-corrupt few among them. Just what the US has continued to evolve in to. I'll go bury my head back in the sand now and continue to live in the past, carry on.

  15. Silver Wolf

    A vote that deals with the retirement ,and/or a package for Retirement , For elected officials shall and should only be voted on by "WE THE PEOPLE" GIVE BACK THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  16. Scott B

    Trump 2020 That’s just like all Demarats they ask for everyone else pay for their insurance. That’s just the demarats way to take from the working America citizens

  17. Slappy

    This is what happens when you go too long without a mass purge.

  18. lawman3966

    Is it really news that public employees get superior benefits across the board? I read that the municipal employees of Stockton California get vested in lifetime health care after 30 days on the job! Pensions are subject to longer vesting schedules, and can be awarded in amounts proportional to an employee's years of credited service. However, health insurance is pretty much an all-or-nothing benefit. For anyone interested, the abuses of the public benefit system in California are chronicled in the book "Plunder" by R. Greenhut.

  19. Matthew Full

    Thats fime and all but the counsel had the bill pas in a way thay shows that thay where trying to hide something that being the case there shouldn't be a time limit to veto it

  20. William Moore

    Human nature negative aspects = seven deadly sins as such when society drops their knowledge of and vigilance for they soon rear there ugly head!!!!

  21. Website guy

    YET the mayor and everyone still are on track to get lifetime health care. That always looks fishy to me. So in a year will they have lifetime healthcare. Bet they do have it in a month.

  22. C M

    Doesn't sound any different from what I see on the hearings on TV today.

    Some things never change.

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  23. TheWhiskeyCowboy

    City Counsels should not be able to vote on anything affecting THEMSELVES…. nor should Congress or any other Government office. And "the people" should be able to hold GENERAL votes on issues which affect any government office. This would take care of a LOT of issues that people complain about, like term limits and other things.

    As for City Counsels voting "lifetime" anything… well…. an accident could limit that lifetime…. just saying…. I think I will shoot Hillary off an email and ask her about this.

  24. Steve Petttyjohn

    I can't get health insurance that I can afford, but it is nice to see some can. You can't blame the city council to give themselves a perk that will enable them to no longer worry about their health care. Good for them!

  25. Marshall Smith™

    PS: I am sure you mentioned this already but I cannot recall how I am supposed to go about contacting you to buy the Superbird book?

  26. Marshall Smith™

    Hey Steve, you should "appoint," yourself say, another 9 million subscribers? and another 3 million per month. For life.

  27. Snook On the fly

    Politicians are leeches

  28. robertkjolberg

    Could they get medical coverage in prison.

  29. Old Roscoe

    Human nature, it happens when you can find a way for the other guy to pay for something you want.

  30. Girl90028

    I'm sure the people pf Warren have bucket loads of cash! When will this sleazy politics stop and people held accountable?

  31. James Holbrook

    Sounds like politics as usual

  32. Jeff Kubel

    And everyone looks at me crazy when I tell them I'm an anarchist…

  33. Wakky Wabbit

    OCD people? I observe almost everything by groupings, associate patterns and my memory is exceptional.

    All the cars on the top shelf are red … except one. That green one.

    Sometimes Greenie is on the end, sometimes next to the end. You rearrange the red ones. Sometimes they're >><< or ><><. Sometimes they're aligned in a spacial association, sometimes not.

    You also rearrange the mics but keep the same display pattern. I'm guessing the cording has been removed, not hidden, from each because such frequent movement would be time consuming.

    Not even going to mention the cups nor other items.

    Disruptive events with or without pattern association are sometimes consequential but sharpen my focus.

  34. Vanessa Costa

    Meanwhile, we still fight each other over having single payer healthcare, that is the norm in a majority of developed countries. Not to mention, we spend magnitudes more on healthcare than anywhere else and 3 out of 5 bankruptcies involve medical debt. People go to their graves owing exorbitant amounts of money and in some states people can lose their cars and homes, if a judgement is brought against them over medics debt. It’s insane that people can support this, as the norm.

  35. David Burroughs

    So … their excuse is "I'm incompetent"?

  36. djschims

    This is not just how it operates at the local level. California State legislators make themselves exempt from the strict gun and ammo laws they pass infringing on Citizens second amendment rights. Federal Congressman and Senators aren't under the Obamacare program but instead receive top notch medical coverage. Not sure if they receive it for life but I would bet that they do. There should be a law that whatever politicians decide applies to their citizens, applies to them as well. No exceptions.

  37. Kevin Gray

    This reminds me of the saying– You get the government that you deserve. Will any of these bums be voted out? I doubt it.

  38. I'm Me

    "This is how politics operates at a local level." Huh? Short memory? This is how we got Obamacare. The Dems had enough votes to push it through and most of people pushing it hadn't read the bill, including Pelosi who said, "It's OK. You can read it later." They flat out lied about what it would do and how much it would cost. Now, the Dems refuse to work with the elected President on anything of substance, including healthcare, because they want him to fail, even if it hurts the country and the citizens.

  39. Chad Evans

    City council members in my city are all volunteers. If they tried something like this, the public would roast them alive.

  40. The Jimmy Hasselhoff

    John Denver is sorry he couldn't reach the gas tank lever.

  41. Ryan Russell

    So what you are saying is I should become a city councilman?

  42. roxcyn

    $100 behind the cups on the left.

  43. Curtis Fleabag

    You gotta love it!!! They also vote themselves raises too!!!! I mean, what opposition would they have?

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