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  1. Karen Potter

    Where can I get this tea??

  2. Sherryl Keith

    You should practice with Unflexal. Google this or just go to Unflexal workouts 😀

  3. Phoenix Franks

    Dizziness had various phases for my partner for four to five years, so I provided him the dizziness vertigo solution “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it). He began having results after 4 days, and now right after a week, despite the fact that not 100% yet he`s had long periods of full alleviation. I`m hoping this therapy will be the answer and he`ll have no more dizziness problems to experience.

  4. Sandra L

    i want to know about the tea he is talking about

  5. Dawn Dolson

    how can i buy the tea I have patient like this…

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