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  1. Pokemon Veteran Sceptile

    The intro in a nutshell:
    Who let the elephants inside???

  2. Shmevan Riceballz

    That shitty page turner lmao

  3. Sean Redmond

    The Hallelujah Chorus ending was classic!!

  4. Sean Redmond

    Oh good Lord, the beginning!!! Sounds like the Egyptian Army band!!

  5. Nhật Tân Trương

    Well that damn nokia

  6. Ethan 0180

    I was crying at the Nokia part "I've never seen much beauty"

  7. Shahar Deutsch

    The intro is brilliant

  8. Karltural Marx

    God some classical musicians and singers and audiences are such pricks, if someone coughs, dont yell at them lmao whats wrong with you

  9. 99miyah

    tbf, when is th 7th variation of Rococo ever not a fail

  10. danbednarski

    great overture

  11. ShibeShrine

    Man the wedding fails hurt me

  12. ShibeShrine

    Man the wedding fails hurt me

  13. ShibeShrine

    Man the wedding fails hurt me

  14. Tig offspring

    6:06 / 11:10 and then the violinist decides to play the tune of the phone that's ringing. Solid 10 out of 10 xD

  15. Marco Antonio Nieto

    This is the longest Nokia advertisement ever.

  16. Paul XD

    1:44 can someone say me the name

  17. Rinzin Wangmo

    The first one sounded like a dying elephant 😂

  18. chipette

    10:25 physically hurt me.

  19. 93X777

    10:00 was still kinda like a baws.

  20. Ann a

    6:40 not bad…. 🤔🙄

  21. frogbear02

    the beginning is how conductors think the band will sound if they are not there with their 200 dollar baton sticks.

  22. random piano

    the intro sounds like the bikini botton band with a bunch of dying elephants. xD

  23. Douglas Bruce

    WOW! Even I can do better….!

  24. Кајучка Юjучка


  25. charlyselfe

    The organists playing terribly at those weddings are the funniest thing! 😂😂😅

  26. Lipeng Wan

    good try with flipping the music

  27. Jack O' Leary

    Omg the guy playing the Nokia ringtone 😂😂😂

  28. George Pittman

    The intro sounds like a herd of elephants…

  29. *Insert stupid serial number here.*

    Anxiety at it's finest

  30. David Watkin

    Fuckin pisser!

  31. Luke Sykes

    Surely the first one is fake


    The intro 0:001:17 sounds like a really BAD rehearsal!

  33. trancelistic

    all who llikes this stolen medolie.. whats wrong with you people?

    For gods sakes… You all should be ashamed..
    Sure most of you are young and don't care..

    But the moment you liked this vidoe,, you wil regret it when you die…
    ( we all die at 1 point)

    So be realistic. Stop liking this shit.

  34. Phantom_ Frani23

    The intro now makes me worry

  35. Greenpoloboy3

    is the very first one real or just purposely played bad??

  36. It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    3:10 *Wagner has left the chat FOREVER*

  37. Ip Vincent

    1:20 Yup, you lagged

  38. allahuakbar


  39. Beth Dudley

    Oh my goodness! 😂😂😂

  40. Tiffany Versace

    I’m cringing too hard STOP

  41. ian martono

    When you ask a kid to play at your wedding 3:30

  42. Merveille Rich

    4:18 is literally a representation of me after holding my breath for multiple bars

  43. Merveille Rich

    Yo the guy at 9:18 was like "ok ok i got this, just play in time with the beat" first bar "fuck it"

  44. Buttonmash04

    The intro is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in my life

  45. Spotted Bullet


  46. 다리미

    What's wrong with 2:55?

  47. Emily Petsche

    3:12 What ringtone was that?

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