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  2. Anime World

    I love it

  3. Katie Larson

    Good luck with school guys, I'm praying for you!

  4. Essential Classic

    I'm currently reading "On the road with Jane Austen" and this musical selection fits perfectly with the setting of the book.

  5. Death Himself

    thank you for the music.

  6. Loralai Millspaugh

    This helps me so much when I'm doing my homework! I play it every time I do homework. So pretty

  7. akisseventynine

    Don't forget to have the coffee beside the book, guys! 😉

  8. محمود صلاح الدين

    It's amazing, thank you..

  9. Jennifer von Pickartz

    I thank God for You. Love&Light.

  10. Austyn Price

    Before I realized that was a dog I thought it was something totally different

  11. Deejay

    Wow I started this halfway through doing my work and I got to 90 minutes of it and didn't even realize how calm it kept me

  12. Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4

    i think i would have became a doctor if i had this back in my day. Well i'm using it now to finish my 6th grade paper. Good luck to everyone!

  13. Lynn Scrutton

    Classical music teaches me to play piano better.

  14. Zoltán Dr. Kozma

    Kellemes. Újabb szerzők, akikről sohe hallottam…

  15. Jennifer von Pickartz

    I thank God for You. Love&Light

  16. Elias Victor


  17. Nhật Hồ

    Love the fisrt melody

  18. yeison oro

    hermoso, gracias.

  19. 88Gibson LesPaul

    Thank you very much for this. It's divine.

  20. Achromatic

    I gotta read 160 pages in 1 hour wish me luck D:

  21. Princess Carolyn

    Thanks for your video, i'm in a bad week. I have a lot of college work to do and i'm so depressed, procrastination it's my middle name right now. Today with your video i could read with no interruptions at all, focus on the papers… I'm reading Emile Durkheim. Tomorrow i have a multi exame

  22. Knight Of Hope

    With this! Reading is awesome! Who agrees with me! 😀😃

  23. matilda

    I'm so lonely

  24. Lil Businessman

    Good luck with life to everybody who reads me, one day you will be happy

  25. 플라잉


  26. Rafael Petito

    what book are you people reading?

    I’m reading Wuthering Heights, and I’m loving it

  27. Marie Kueny

    just perfect

  28. Am I Right?

    What did the librarian tell her son to do?

    Read more

  29. Thimo Heidelberg

    Commitment or ambition is for the weak my friends; get inspired, balanced and be driven! Ordo here we go! I know what to do now and so do you <3

  30. Angelika Morgen

    Very beautiful selection of music, Thanks for enjoying the masterpieces 👏👏👏

  31. FunkiMonki222

    When ur a #classicalmusician and all u can do is appreciate the music

  32. cezka

    a light drizzle has just worked its way through the forest you now tread through, your soft footfalls hidden in the damp underbrush. careful not to wake the peaceful stillness, you set yourself down on a drying rock and bring out a well worn adventure you are once again half done with, its hard cover slightly stained and pages slightly creased and yellowed but words still immaculate, ready to transport you. but you are not done with the scenery. the soft light of the early morning sun breaks through the thin clouds that held the dew drops that now scatter the leaves and branches around you. you tuck your feet under you and lean against the still damp bark of a tree. without quite thinking, you are already flipping the pages, looking for your bookmark and scanning for the word you left off on. eyes twinkling, you take a breath as a thought crosses your mind.

    this is peace.

  33. Winter Giler

    07 is the best song. Change my mind :v.

  34. Rico Torres

    Unless you are a genius you can not study or read listening music. It is a Myth!!

  35. TikiGamesTV

    This comment section fills me with DETERMINATION.

  36. Montserrat Powell

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This may be a bad haiku
    But good day to you 😀
    (Aye I am not a child of Apollo only a child of Athena 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  37. zforce -1st

    That was amazing, the song from 1'30s to 2'15s it's really nice, it's made my skin goosebumps. The best song i've ever heard

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