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  1. Star Fox

    this is a sick joke.

  2. CateDoge

    Slept like a baby.

  3. Lena Moltzen

    Looks like the moon if you invert screen.

  4. Jimin's Jams

    Oml I as about to fall asleep but the second piece was in BTS mvs..ishemssg

  5. Alfredo Valenzuela

    Good night from l.a. foo.

  6. Hari Purwanto

    I play flute

  7. Serdar Esenler

    No. Cant sleep

  8. osama rajab

    It's the best mix i've ever heard❤

  9. Patricia Jane Parker

    Can anyone share the names of the songs here?

  10. Lauren Nakhoul

    Very terrible

  11. Dea Monica


  12. Walid Larkem

    goodnight from algeria !!!

  13. Çhøćö Łáťě

    Good night from Italy, sweet dreams😴🌙

  14. Graeme Glendinning

    finally a nice mix amongst so many that are not

  15. Adan Gamer

    So peaceful

  16. Adan Gamer

    Will not that loud

  17. Adan Gamer

    I love it hen it’s out loud

  18. Eunice Probert

    Good gravy, that's the loudest music to sleep by I've ever heard! Didn't Debussy believe in letting people sleep?

  19. ツBONA


  20. Sue Lira

    This is just soft piano music, not classical

  21. Fahad Almarri

    روعه عادي طعطيني اسم العازف اذا قدرة شكراً على نشر الاغنيه ♡♡♡♡

  22. Janet Miller

    Hard to sleep with all this angry caterwauling. I'll just listen to the music! Quel idee!

  23. Rama Bilal

    This is not for sleeping! 20:00 / 1:19:44
    Thanks for waking me up!! x@

  24. Тамара Войчева

    This is so peacefull…it takes you far away from all the troubles makes me feel so light ..Good night from Bulgaria 👼

  25. Ciara Park

    Terrible music list. I thought it’s classical music only. I don’t complain about ads due to I’m YouTube premium. I’m just pissed off to the terrible music. Few songs sound like just pop song instrumental

  26. Nietzsche's Mustache

    This is retarded

  27. 조상호


  28. martial arts,music and history

    1:19:44 "music for sleeping" yeah totally sleeping now

  29. Vinzenz Carbonell

    Wunderschön dein tonspielband. Lange sollst du leben, um weiter Freude in der Welt zu verbreiten.

  30. Bradshaw Vaughan

    So many people disliked this song but I love it there are nights when I'm just so stressed or exited and can't sleep but this song is like magic it puts me right to sleep thank you to whoever wrote this song and God bless you💤

  31. 양준하


  32. Martin Collins

    Just chill out into another world another time .

  33. Kristine Maria

    Stupid ads

  34. Marbles Barbles

    I'm really bummed the CDS of this don't ship to the US 🙁

  35. HU BANG


  36. kerry barnes

    Woke me upp 3 joues 48 min in why volume loud dramatic not what i thought thank but no thank gave me panic attack

  37. Howard Koslov

    Bold of you to assume I could get this much sleep.

  38. robert nicora

    You give us twice Debussy, after that Beethoven and then Debussy again. Are you crasy ?

  39. Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu


  40. Gedo Rinne Tensei No Jutsu

    More ads pls

  41. Derek Jay

    1:19:45 woke me up at 2am. And this is not entirely classical.

  42. 한재호

    6:30:30 yo wat the hell was that??? i was tryna get some sleep and when that part came out i fkin jumped out of ma bed is this classical music for nightmare or what

  43. David Brooking

    i love this music, but the volume is all over the place

  44. Jazzy TM

    God bless you all goodnight from location hidden you’ll never catch me

  45. Duzzy Clayton

    All the people moaning about ads, get adblocker, problem solved.. If you on a computer tho

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