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  1. CreamintheCoffee

    I’m an old white dude in my 60s, and yet one of the security questions at one of my banking institutions is “What is your all time favorite band?” Me: COLDPLAY

  2. pambudi wb

    Indonesia mana suaranya?

    absen 😄👍

  3. nilgen hope

    I love coldplay so much it’s like going back to my childhood, feel me?

  4. Royal Fighter

    like bro ❤️

  5. Amer Al-Samman


  6. Jakayima Batista

    Uo upside down i love it

  7. M Raffa

    Orphans أيتام

  8. Dia Alviva

    I love how Coldplay always seems to make me smile!

  9. Luis

    When waiting is damm worth it

  10. James Ford

    For the 0.5% of ppl reading this
    I wish you all the best guys i just wish you a lovely and peaceful life just enjoy and god bless y'all

  11. Suzie Greer

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    Tiene copyraid xddd ok no

  13. Locos zoot488

    Such a good song. I hope Coldplay lasts till I die 🙂

  14. Spethman Jones

    Only Coldplay could turn such sad and painful lyrics into something so uplifting which brings us all together. Thank you for doing what you do <3

  15. Furkan Mert

    Woow perfect musıc

  16. Tukang Jimpit Darurat Binama

    Pusing aq liat videonya

  17. Noggles

    It's been a long while since I listened to Coldplay, because I did not like the Head Full of Dreams album at all. Now, this… This is something else. It has the old Coldplay vibe. I love it.


    Who has a rangoli

  19. info vault

    Happy to see you again… You've been in my memories and will remain forever

  20. Rakesh Swami

    As raw as it can get! … capo on 5!!! b down!!

  21. Fred and Chris


  22. Hartini Tini

    Back and be young again

  23. New Music


  24. Egi Irawan

    Ada yang dari indonesia kah ..?? Klo ada maka kita saudara satu bendera

  25. Katie. W

    Great song.. but honestly i'm lost… I don't get the idea behind it

  26. João Augusto

    Como é bom ter vocês de volta

  27. Leandro Reyno

    My Music will always be by Coldplay

  28. kim yun yun


  29. Marta V.

    This song reminds me of everything's not lost

  30. Mahnoor Bhatti

    Im going through a super rough breakup. Thank you Coldplay, for helping me through the hurt and the pain. You always manage to make it feel like it's going to be okay.

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