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  1. Pheli Mint

    Wow! Just wow!, What an amazing piece, everything from the box to mintage all scream, awesome. The details are so fine and precise. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. SilverStrike

    Very neat bar!

  3. Silver Vessel

    Unbelievable coin! Both sides are so amazing! Go ahead and keep her bud! 😊

  4. MrMonkeySwag96

    Amazing details and relief on that amber coin. I believe the firm that issued this coin is Coin Invest Trust, who commissioned the Mayer Mint or the Polish Mint to produce those coins. You see a lot of Coin Invest Trust stuff sold by APMEX or CoinShoppe. Coin Invest Trust also issued a similar coin with amber inset that commemorated the Amber Room of St. Petersburg, Russia. The Amber Room is a room in which the furnishings and walls were made out of solid amber that are gilded with gold.

  5. Silver Gator

    Thats very unusual. Great detail.

  6. Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter

    WOW!! Those Are Great!! Beautiful strikes

  7. Silver to burn

    That is a great looking coin right there! 😉 Burnie.

  8. shiny packAGe

    wow!! the amber art piece is very beautiful, strongly detailed. i love it. good looking silver today and thank you for sharing. on to the next

  9. Kerris L Ravenhill

    Yeah I love old stuff but it's price is way out of most people's price range. Most of us are Baroque because we don't have Monet! Get it! Monet Money?

  10. walt2t

    The level of detail in the Amber Art coin is amazing.

  11. Tomoko's Enterprize

    My friend I so glad to see how things are progressing. STELLAR ! Numbers still creeping on the up side as always. There is so much true art in these pcs. I am so grateful to all the artists involved,let alone the folks running the mint floor! Lovin it all and waiting for my swag bud LOL ! A care/ pay package comin yer way my friend !

  12. funktatd Forcelle

    Nice Discounts EH

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