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  1. Osi Dubai

    i like to snooze all my alarms before getting up, that only when sleeping late

  2. Julian Wattam

    Good compact information that I think many people are unaware of

  3. The Galaxy Marshmallow Lady

    I’m watching this before bed oops😬

  4. Linda Natanagara

    Thank you!


    what an irritating personnnn

  6. Jiyu Shugi

    Excellent! All very true.

  7. shiyolep

    Thank you! This is such an important message! I'd love to translate it to spanish, so I could share it with spanish speaking audience.

  8. nomorethrow

    ok but how about masturbation before a sleep? is it helps?

  9. AwesomeAlex! Adam

    More Bullshit from the medical INDUSTRY! The Western medical INDUSTRY is only for PROFIT and their meds are USELESS Period

  10. Constantine D.

    thank you for the info.

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