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  1. Seun

    So will you support Bernie Sanders?

  2. Teresa Thayn

    The "booming economy " is a lie here in South Louisiana!! My auto body/painter husband had to take a minimum wage job at Taco Bell!! We're on food stamps!! Our gov't is a joke! It's all about how rich they can get while in office!! No one can live on $7.25 an hour!! Boycott Wal-Mart, Amazon, Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonald's, etc!!! Let's shut these billion dollar companies down!! Go Bernie!!

  3. Teresa Thayn

    V O T E these bribe taking traitors OUT OF OFFICE!! 2020 is here! It's Truth Time! Elect Bernie and save the rest of us from sleeping on the streets like our heroes, our veterans are! Go Bernie 2020! VOTE this Congress out!! 700 billion for "Defense" Is stealing from tax payers!! Save Ourselves, elect Bernie Sanders in 2020!

  4. Sponge bob

    Remember Hilary talking about the super predators. What a Gal !

  5. Jimmy Tatt

    Selfishness and greediness

  6. Helios

    and I thought Sam was just a centrist that played identity politics.

  7. Farmer Bob

    ”People who are born into privilege, always debate whether those who are not, deserve equality”.
    Powerful stuff! 🙄

  8. Blinkybill

    Wouldn't a military paid for by the Government through taxes be considered socialist?

  9. Scott T

    Samantha Bee is an unintelligent mongrel who consistently believes that she's doing right, but is really not. She makes Sarah Silverman look clean.

  10. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    1:50 Face it: Socialist healthcare is the only kind of healthcare that works.

  11. Colin Matheson

    When it means either maintaining a huge, bloated, over-funded military or providing universal healthcare for Americans, the government chooses the one that causes the most death. Yes to the first and no to the second

  12. Sealot

    I work for the US Federal Government. My health insurance policy is approximately $1800 a month. I pay 25%. Guess who’s paying the rest. Uncle Sam. Sponsored by the American tax payers.

  13. Ashley Churchill

    Why on earth does she stay there?

  14. Theresa Sanders

    Hello! FACT: ALL Democracies are a BLEND of Socialism & Capitalism. ALL Government is #OurMoney & Art.1 Sec.8 MANDATES Congrees ALLOCATE (create new money-the way Military spending is FUNDED) $$'s for Infrastructure & the WELL BEING (Welfare) of the PEOPE, who ARE the Nation! #LearnMMT!

  15. catsintexas

    she is right. the most reason people die or go broke is because of medical bills. and no insurance. it is THE thing that made our economy go trash. people cannot afford their medical bills , hospitalization and prescription drugs for elderly. WE ARE THE CAVEMEN of health care as compared to the rest of Europe and parts of Asia and Canada!

  16. Bob Bart

    Hot, but Dumb Redhead on Fox … I AM a Canadian that has actually USED the Canadian Healthcare System – Two Strokes, (several years apart) – No waiting; Straight TO the Hospital, Straight INTO the Hospital, Excellent and VERY Attentive Care, Several MRI's (both in the Hospital and After, as Post-care Follow ups) – Only charges levied were the two Ambulance Trips – $40 each … Yeah, I like our Healthcare System just fine !

  17. Tim S

    Good info but all the unneccessary cussing makes it hard to watch at work. You are losing audience for a dumb reason. USN vet so cussing not a problem for me. Petro dollar is unlimited dollars. As long as nations buy oil with dollars you can print as many dollars as you want.

  18. Barbara Maj

    what is wrong with PARENTS paying for individual policies for their spawn?
    It works for the Amish…

  19. jim thomas

    Please please. PLEASE, give us more free things we dont have to work for and EARN. you go democraps.

  20. Mark Furst

    Please push back against people who say nationalized health care is "free". It's INCLUDED when you pay your taxes.

  21. Juan Asenjo

    Thank goodness Trump had the initiative to protect us from alien invaders, (no, not the ones coming across the border), by forming a special SPACE AIR FORCE.!! Now we're secured in knowing not one single American will die from a death ray.!! It may cost a few billion dollars, but who cares as long as we're protected from these dastardly space aliens.!

  22. Michael Swärdh

    The health care system in the US is insane…. 30 000 dollar for a new baby if you do not have insurance, 10 000 dollar if you have insurance… here in Sweden it costs 28 000 Swedish kronor (ca 2800 dollars) but the mom and the dad pays 200 Swedish kronor (20 dollars) and all the checkups after is free.

    But single payer is not good you say….

  23. Ross Coe

    Everything about America is disgusting and it's people are brainwashed idiots and gulibul fools, I can't wait till Yellowstone erupts

  24. xanbex

    Well Israel has universal health care….paid for by American tax payers….HaHaHa!

  25. Andi amo

    If liberals care so much about racism….why do they support a woman who fights for school segregation????

  26. hauskalainen

    In Europe, the biggest costs in healthcare go to the elderly. In America, as the healthcare finance system became run by insurance companies, for some reason, those same insurance companies didn't want to finance the health care of seniors. I wonder why? The solution? To make Seniors fund their high healthcare costs from taxation during their working years. In that way you can charge premiums to people who largely do not cost that much money. Through co-pays and uncovered first costs you can still avoid paying out of you are an insurance company.

  27. Tyler Durden

    "We" didn't, Obama did. He was an idiot

  28. Billy Hoyle

    Congress and the President should only be on the side of the citizens when it comes to Healthcare. If they really care about all citizens they should be able to come up with a plan that covers all and costs nothing. Of course if a rich person wants to pay more for a doctor or anything else than they certainly can.

  29. Lily Darkmoore

    Elizabeth Warren has had to live her life through strength and grit. She is the candidate most willing to do the work to salvage our government, and she does the research and reads the material that is needed to make informed decisions. PLUS we need someone who can handle the complex diplomatic situation we're in right now, and unfortunately Bernie Sanders is not that person. His manner is too aggressive to be a good diplomat. Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, would make a great person to represent our Nation to the world! She's dedicated, calm, and well spoken. And she PREPARES for things! We desperately need someone who is willing to put in the extra hours needed to do the prep work for the situations a President has to deal with. She is very much for a single payer healthcare system, for doing something about educational debt, and more importantly for getting corporate money OUT of politics! We won't be able to fix our system until corporate money is no longer an issue in our political system. We also need to fix our PAC system, because right now the Republicans have rigged it so that foreign governments can help get them elected! That is not what the American political system is supposed to be like! Bernie is great, but President is not where he is needed. I do know where he could make a HUGE contribution to our Nation though – one that is perfectly suited to him.

    Where we NEED Bernie is as Senate Majority Leader! A Warren/Harris ticket would finally give Women the representation that we should have been having for decades, but also give Bernie a marvelous ally in the Senate, since the Vice President holds the gavel there. The Senate is currently a sewer infested with corruption, and if anyone would be able to make a difference there where it is desperately needed, it's Bernie who can out-shout and out-stubborn most people I've ever seen! With Kamala Harris and her legal knowledge backing him up, who is also one of those people willing to stand up to the storm of corruption in our country, we might finally convince the criminals in the Republican party that politics may not be the best place for them. That is desperately needed. It's obvious that the current Republican party is more interested in personal profit for their wealthy cronies than giving fair representation to the rest of the people of this Nation.

    I would LOVE to see current senator from Florida Rick Scott decide that he should get the heck out of there. He's been stealing from taxpayers for decades with the Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud that are part of his corporate business plans. He ran for governor in Florida to stop the investigation into his corporation for Medicaid fraud. He'd been CEO (the person who sets the business plans) for one company that ended up paying 1.8 BILLION dollars for Medicare fraud they were CAUGHT doing and another company (his own) that was caught committing at least 2 Million dollars worth of Medicare fraud! And then he was under investigation for Medicaid fraud, ran for governor, outspent everyone, won on the basis that his mother thought he was a good boy, and stopped the investigation into his medical corporation cold! NOW being a medical corporation in Florida means letting him "invest" in your company or you'll be choked off! He's more crooked than a dog's hind leg, but he is representing Florida in the Senate! Just goes to show what kind of irresponsible decisions old people whose grandchildren live in another state will make for a place.

  30. Pay It Forward

    just put your kids on ritalin if his teacher can't deal with advanced, bored kids.

  31. Crusty Cobs

    The only Country that calls itself 'civilized', that doesn't have Healthcare for its' Citizens…Health….care?!
    And where did all these out of touch old, tyrannical politicians come from? What a bunch of Goobers!

  32. Jeff Hirtle

    Sam B hucking for M4A? Classic lack of self awareness, no? Kinda 1000 days late and a few billion $ short, IMO…

  33. Meg

    Oligarchs, monarchs, elites and ODDly successful "illuminated" fellowz with fraternal affiliations- want the huddled masses to hurry up and die, and empty their pockets on the way out – Georgia Guidestones pop control guidelines require lots of dyin' in a country of 300 million. GOTTA GET THEM POP NUMERS down – cuz THEY know – Climate Crisis is REAL, and the idea is to get us dying fast, and leaving as much dwindling resources as possible to their oligarchic familiez. They THINK they are gonna ride out Climate CRISIS and all the human miseries about to unfold, cuz – rich. THeres more plan than blind psychopathy at work. It has nothing to do with limited financial resources, everything to do with keeping the "rabble" under control weak desperate sick, and dying as young as possible. PLAN. and GOP is quite happy to oblige.

  34. Ludicium Veri

    Renaming Romni-care/Obama-care is how the media destroyed Universal health care…Samantha B blaming the we is like a bad dog mom rubbing your nose in a cold pile.

  35. Max Smart

    Sam wants universal healthcare but criticizes Bernie.

  36. Richard Smith

    So to make it funny? Lets talk about thalidomide. That’s obviously the best example you could have come up with to not upset anyone.

  37. Kevin Krueger

    How do you pay for healthcare? How do you pay for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter? Our priorities are a joke.

  38. Kate Miller

    Your show keeps us so well informed & sane.

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