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  1. Lily of the Valley

    Health care is human right, not a privilege.

  2. toonmag50

    The US combine Malthus theory of population growth and Darwin's theory of natural selection.
    The poor will die from disease and starvation,and the stupid members of the species' will kill themselves anyway.
    Perhaps they did learn something from the Empire.?

  3. Thanks for Being a Useful Idiot

    Where is the Republic Party's healthcare bill?  Trump said 100% of Americans would be covered for half the cost.  Anyone?  Bueller?

  4. lemorande wm

    We now pay double what every other country pays. That is ridiculous. Congressman Rogers is defending the health care industry. After all that is his bread and butter. "The balloning costs of health care act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy" is how Warren Buffett put it. He and Amazon and JP Morgan are now making a plan of their own. This could bring down payments bigtime.

  5. DeWayne Benson

    Other than Zionist bitches destroying America…. Consider…. every one of these (top) US politicians are fully aware… Israeli leaders such as Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu seriously and confidently confess, 'ISRAEL CONTROLS AMERICA'. Yet when the AH Benjamin Netanyahu shagged his hairy ass recently in front of the US Senate Chambers, every (Rothschild) BITCH rose and applauded the AH.

  6. Justin Tay

    I just wannt to tell this idiot mike rogers that is a good idea to take a geography class to learn that Mexico is not in South. America.

  7. Hanyu Zhu

    如何改善医疗/特殊老年疾病的更多社会关怀/How to improve health care?

  8. LoseBellyFatFast

    awesome video. Nice work. gain a lot of knowledge from this video.

  9. Richard B

    Wow the Doing Nothing Rogers nightmare continues long after he left. He accomplished or achieved nothing while in DC. A partisan barker that supported everything that bankrupted so many Americans. Be gone!!!

  10. MiLC0REHD

    wahsington dc means washitgnon da city?????

  11. Jake Preston

    Rogers is presentable and articulate, and blind to the criminal conduct of insurance companies and the inaccessibility of health care to almost 20 percent of Americans. No one in Europe or Canada would accept such a travesty in America, which has the words health care system in the industrialized world.

  12. boanerges144

    New world order attempt to bankrupt the country and depopulate the earth.

  13. Claus Bohm

    The european and even asian countries, in fact all other countries do not understand our health care system …. What if you want a choice between government and private sector health care????? Even Thailand has that choice!

  14. bigwalt2990

    Mike Rogers: "Somebody whose privacy was violated. You can't have your privacy violated if you don't know your privacy is violated, right?"

    He tells it like it is alright………….

  15. John Fisher

    If more people were earning a decent wage, we wouldn't have all these issues.

  16. Ana Djordjevic


  17. Mike Dial

    It's hard to believe that Americans voted to re-elect Obama after hearing something like this.  I guess we have to re-learn the lessons of 20th-Century socialism before we can move on.  It's too bad that those of us who already learned the lesson can't move on by ourselves, though.

  18. Stiffroot

    He is exactly right, hits the nail on the head….many times!

  19. LoveHarborTea

    Anyone else notice that Democrats/Liberals have stopped calling it ObamaCare and now refer to the train wreck as the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Oh no you don't!!!! You socialist Democrats are going to own this pile of crap for the next decade!!!

  20. Surgical Matters

    I suggest that we leave the ACA completely intact for all who voted for the ACA in the US Congress and the family of the man (all family members) who signed this signature piece of legislation. No waivers for them. The rest of us should migrate back into or stay in the private sector for our healthcare insurance and healthcare.

  21. Scott Miller

    what we're watching is a slow-motion police state overtaking us like a soft blanket…while the masses watch American Idol and all the other nonsense they're dumbing us down with…

  22. Christopher Ruiz

    Talk 4 us and tell the world 2 How bad this President Is doing!

  23. Christopher Ruiz

    Good job M. Rogers

  24. Christopher Ruiz

    What now !!!! Obama What now?

  25. wendy4ronpaul

    YT:  Nullification is the rightful remedy        also    Jury Nullification

  26. Bryan Hankins

    Hmmmm why do 'they' want us all to have health insurance?

  27. BushPilot444

    The reason the health system is broken is because of the govt. meddling with rules and regs that have nothing to do with health. All of your insurance would cost less if insurance companies could compete across state lines but for some reason the govt. is into territory protection preventing the free market.  Big govt. has decided to protect the big drug companies by forcing Americans to pay top dollar for drugs so drugs companies can get paid back for research, while other countries as near as Mexico and Canada can import our drugs at rock bottom prices.  The drug companies need to make a profit but why should other countries get a pass and not have to help pay for that research?  Now that our Big Govt. has found out we can buy drugs on the internet for less from other countries they have made that illegal, to stop you.  Can you spell Big Govt. allowing lobbyist to buy and pay for our legislature.  That ten dollar aspirin you pay for in the hospital would have a reasonable cost if the govt got their hand out of the cash register.
      Did you know that if you have MS one pill can cost you $300???

  28. BushPilot444

    He never said or inferred that 15% should die. You guys are so full of party poop you  are just plain stupid.  If you woke up one morning and found you had God-like powers and were faced with choosing between a ship with 500 people sinking and a ship with 10,000 sinking, I suppose you would choose the 500?   Even so, how would that indicate that you wanted people in the other ship to die?  You always do the best you can.  What planet are you from?

  29. Len Johnson

    For those claiming Rogers is saying to "let 15% die because they are poor", that is NOT what he said. It is exactly the false choice he is pointing out. We can do better than to punish 85%, but no choice was presented or permitted other than to put the government in charge. Clearly, that was a very bad decision.

  30. Kim David M Simmons

    Why is it when someone does not want to damage the American economy by punishing everyone else in Socializing America further, they are demonized by the left? Mike Rogers does not worship the Golden Calf, he praises the American system that at one time had the best health system and a system that has saved this world the last hundred years from tryanny, something the left prefers to destroy and rewrite history about,  just as their front man, Obama is attempting to rewrite his own history.

  31. JaleelJohanson62

    Before the unprecedented greed brought on by both the 'injury' lawyers we all see on TV everyday that forced malpractice insurance to ridiculous levels and that of the pharmaceutical industry who want everyone in the population medicated came into play, the free market healthcare costs were affordable by just about anyone who desired to purchase them. A governmental approach like Obama's makes about as much sense as insulating a window to keep the cold out while leaving the front door open…  

  32. Gregory Marks

    dems want socialism. period. asssss'

  33. Battle Galaga

    How so? I said the MONTHS leading to the crash.

  34. Battle Galaga

    You only proved my point.

  35. Battle Galaga

    I remember people saying the same exact shit in the months leading up to the financial crash of 2009.

  36. J F

    And this is relevant how? Yakity yakity yak, yak, yaaaaak.

    You work for yourself. We know that. Why are you pretending to be on "the people's" side?

    I don't need you to "allow" me to survive!

  37. J F

    Yes, treating the disease instead of using the 4 or 5 known, suppressed cures. Good job, Medical Industry!

  38. carrotjuse

    Nonsense. You have no friends in Canada. Britney. You're just repeating a mantra that I've heard for 50 years with no basis in fact or logic.

  39. carrotjuse

    I registered yesterday. While my drug copay remains the same, my health insurance dropped by fifty dollars a month and now includes vision insurance.

    Lol! Is this a great country or what?

  40. carrotjuse

    Tommy, how many times do I have to tell you to take your medication every morning. Now look at you! You've wet yourself and pooped your panties! Stop eating that! It's nasty!

    Now open wide… aaaaaahhhh…

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