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  1. Monica Campana

    Thank for teaching Nancy.

  2. Bill Salvey

    may she rest in peace, a very very talented lady.i wish i knew half of what she knows bout sewing. she is the one that truely inspired me to get the babylock evolution & to sew.

  3. Betty L. M.

    Which machine is better for embroidering the babylock or Janome

  4. Janet Brimston

    Your fabric is not smooth when you placed the paper on it…

  5. أمازيغية مسلمة

    Thak you nancy it's very easy 👍💕🌹

  6. Marty Marcroft

    I have the 
    ellisimo gold 2 I have not used it much want to learn to use it, is there upgrades for this machine

  7. podeti godavari

    Which machine is this place mention

  8. Research0digo

    This is an old video, I hope somebody reads my question.
    Is Edit & Stitch a program Nancy sells?
    Would Pfaff 4D do the same thing? Sorry if this is a really dumb question.
    Thank you.

  9. happy tulips

    i thought magnet are harmful for computerized machine?

  10. Stephanie Johnson

    Nancy, what is the URL for the custom magnetic hoop?

  11. Rossina Holm

    nancy please I have several machines one is Babylock ellagio2 , dreamweaver 6200D a Brother SE400 , and 200/730 bernina let me know if this ring can make you any of them , please I can report this is what agradecedere lot. beautiful video

  12. Geraldine Gillen

    Lovely Design Nancy

  13. Esha Alison

    i love this side……interesting…..

  14. #puntokidsbordados.

    Me encantaria poder escuchar tus videos en español me encanta tu trabajo y eres genial.

  15. Marie Keegan

    Great video,,, Where do I get a snap hoop for a husqvarana Designer SE and how much….

  16. Toto LoBue

    What kind of stabilizer did you use for this project? Thanks you!

  17. Toto LoBue

    Where can I find the table runner fabric that you have in this video? Thank you!

  18. falconridgedesigns

    thanks for this.

  19. Susan Jackson

    Using an Elegant 2. When I put my border hoop in the machine, it tells me I have to change hoop size. How do I override this. My book doesn't say, either.

  20. diana diamond

    I'd like to know where I can get a machine like that also a Serger too? They would make my life much easier. I saw them, but when I tried to source it, I couldn't find out where I can purchase. Please help me out if you can.

  21. diana diamond

    I've enjoyed watching this video. My problem is that I don't have a machine like yours. I have a conventional one. Is it possible that you can show how to do this same embroidery with my type of machine please. Thanking you in Advance. Stay Blessed. Love it. I wish I had one like yours. I rarely see them down here.

  22. Linda Bridges

    great instructions. can't wait to get my snap hoop

  23. arms drin

    Dear ….Peace be to you

    I would like to know what brand of sewing machine which you use in you demo vid .
    Title is
    Continues machine embrodery"

    Thanks a lot

  24. Nelly Goncalves

    Nancy I like you to tell me how to make lace embroidery in singer Futura XL 400 ok thank you 😊

  25. Birdie Ellen Beris

    Thank you for showing this.  I am new at machine embroidery and I am having trouble figuring out how to do this with my designs.  

  26. anes mahmoudi


  27. Jibbie49

    This embroidery would look beautiful across the edge of a skirt.

  28. Marie Keegan

    Great. Where do you get that magnet hoop from. Email address will be great.

  29. Laura N

    Little confused about using a magnetic hoop.  It is my understanding that using magnets on computerized machines was not a good thing.. Could someone nicely explain how this is safe to use? Thank you

  30. Marianne Geoghan

    Help thread breaks can I get back in position when embroidering

  31. loopiewho

    WOW I had no idea how much work goes into embroidery
    I am completely shocked
    i am totally turned off the whole idea
    its just to fussy for me 

  32. Daelon The worse YouTuber ever

    i love to do tablerunners, and do continuous embroidery, how about one day u can use the continuous hoop that comes  with the babylock machines. U r a very good teacher. be Bless. 

  33. Mary Smith

    fascinating! do any of the continuous hoops fit the #1 plus Husqvarna Viking machine?

  34. laydbunzdailyantics

    Does anybody know what type machine this is been looking for a new machine and this one looks greeeaaat!!!

  35. David Larson

    actually she has a congenital problem with nerves. hope everyone is so accepting after you have YOUR stroke……

  36. Michelle Wagner

    Great video! Thank you, it was nice to have the instructions slowed down. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep up.

  37. olimpia laza

    cat costa masina de brodat?

  38. Nancy's Notions

    Magna and Snap Hoops are machine specific. Under the Magna Hoop, there is a model, MH00040, that will fit the Viking Designer SE.

  39. LindaLu Cord

    Are there magnetic hoops that fit the Husqvarna Viking SE machine.

  40. Carole Gordon

    I had been looking for a machine and when I saw this one I knew it was the one I wanted. Ordered mine should be here any day

  41. Najima Wood

    Can this be done on a Brothers PE 770 ?

  42. saintben2000

    i would absolutely shoot myself in the head if i had to do all of this. thank god for the advances made since then.

  43. Nancy's Notions

    Nancy is using the Baby Lock Esante.

  44. Jessica Araya

    Hi, what sewing machis is that?

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