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  1. Dangela Maling

    This is probably one of my favourite videos that Emma has made. I hope she makes more of these videos ☺️☺️

  2. Maria x X

    She looks like Marko with that beanie on

  3. Roshan Johri

    Honey, this ain't cooking…

  4. vegan pole momma


  5. Emily Guerrero

    omg I LOVE food network shows lol

  6. Ibra Al ikhsan

    She's cooking coconut ohhh shit that but literally it's healthy food

  7. oops I did it again

    decklan 🥴😍

  8. cin d

    i love when Emma cooks

  9. cin d


  10. Myrtle Dan

    what was the red stuff she put in her chick peas

  11. Maddison G

    my favorite emma content

  12. Lynea Silk

    I love Emma’s shorts, does anyone know where they’re from?? ❤️

  13. cin d

    Emma improving her health over the year 😌😌😌😌😌

  14. Hey lai lai Loves

    Every ones talking about her so had to check her out

  15. Ashbash 0227

    I watched ALL of those cooking shows and more, I LOVED food network

  16. Ramon Silva

    Is your cat from area 51????

  17. Need you now

    Nice collection!?

  18. Madison Andrews

    Do you still have your cat Emma respond if you do

  19. fatma_ marwan

    11:08 I CANT 😂😂

  20. Maria V


  21. Raver Magik

    your cute.. i dont know why your in a sweatshirt and cap in august your making me sweat.. Just an fyi you can take a cooking class which would help your skills. Or hire a chef to teach you. Video is so random.. dunno why YT sent me here.

  22. Carly Crudup

    Emma: gets a cat
    Also Emma: being a parent means you need to know how to cook

  23. Rui En

    im so proud youre so mature and lovely and gorgoeus and healthy you are thrivin!!!

  24. Adeline Via

    Emma opening multiple bags of chips at the same time is giving me anxiety.

  25. iinfinitydolans

    11:10 was not expecting that lmao

  26. Aira Seno

    Idk why you sounded like professor in Money Heist in this video HAHAHA

  27. Bradyn Plotts

    I’m literally the opposite of a vegetarian/vegan.

  28. Mark Frazier

    Easy vegan plan: ( I've been doing this for over 2 1/2 years)
    Breakfast: fruit or fruit smoothie
    Lunch: fruit, smoothie, or salad
    Dinner: Google vegan recipes until you find at least 6 you like
    Snacks, come on be real you know you're going to snack: more fruit, nuts, seeds, dates, or anything that you had previously in the day, because all of it is healthy.
    You won't have to count calories , you can eat as much as you like!

  29. Destineyyy

    And here I am… eating a mug microwaveable brownie

  30. Mark Frazier

    Oils are not only fattening they feed Cancers and tumors. For raw foods add tahini, hummus, or avocados. For cooking use vegetable broth.

  31. impactajuvenile

    Emma try socialism like most 3rd world countries are, then you will have nothing to eat and don’t have to worry about being healthy at all.

  32. Mary Weidner

    Emma I have PLUMS if u want me to send u some but I dont know you address?

  33. Mark Frazier

    Replace high-fat chips with healthy options. Such as crunchy vegetables like , romaine lettuce, jicama, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, etcetera. Cherry tomatoes are good too! Make an oil-free dressing or sauce. My go to sauce is Spicy Chipotle Tahini sauce. For even easier snacks eat nuts, seeds, or more fruit. Simple and delicious!

  34. I created a channel so I can comment

    You look like MARKO with that hat on 😀

  35. Kay-cee Loeppky

    i need this recipe

  36. Chocolate Knots

    Emma don't peel or cut the end of your brussel sprouts!!!!!

  37. Celeste E

    Oh my gosh, I looked at the thumbnail and dead ass thought it was a Markoterzo video. Y’all should for real collab😮

  38. Mia Nelson

    OMG EMMA ALL MY FRIENDS MAKE FUN OF ME FOR LIKING THOSE SHOWS!!!! Yessss we have similar interests yay! Sorry I’m just a really big fan

  39. Michael Madlock

    Never seen one of her videos. But I loved this. Cus food duh. Subscribing

  40. Hannah Hagos

    i’m watching her make brussels sprouts and chickpeas while eating brussels sprouts and chickpeas

  41. Abigail Patterson

    I never knew how good plums were until Emma started obsessing over them and now I’m obsessed and I get it

  42. Samantha Rose

    What happened to the cat

  43. sloth qween

    I’ve seen all of those shows she listed

  44. Izzy

    drop the recipe PLEASE

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