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  1. Sarah Blossom

    Thank you Jeffrey 🙏 Great explanation and lovely flow. Really appreciate your guidance.

  2. Terrell daugherty

    Thank you! 🙏

  3. fgh

    Hi Jeff! What would be the Chinese version of Indian doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)? Does something like that even exist? Thanks.

  4. somanfx

    very nice . i like all of your videios

  5. Joan Cummings

    I have done Qin gong and tai chi for years, but still enjoyed these sessions with Jeff. JOan

  6. John Mickel

    i just broke my right hand in a fall at the bank I will this ong Escondido John Ca.

  7. J B

    Yes, I feel so wonderful ! thank you so much ! Love you 😘!

  8. Robin Glover

    Thank you.i sure will do this

  9. Kim Graham

    Hi thank you. I’m trying to find your video that speaks of a very caring dr. And the qigong he would use to get rid of other people’s pain that he acquired

  10. SproutHead

    Wow, this video is so well-explained and I really felt the flow almost immediately. Thank you for sharing!

  11. user zen

    Can you do a 20 minute long or so video with no talking, just you do moves you've already taught so we can just follow along. Less talking video combining 7,8 moves would be great! I just do other moves through your long monologue..shhhhh..just qi please.

  12. Jennifer Covey

    Much gratitude 💚

  13. user zen

    Jeffrey I really like your videos. I follow along with you. The fluidity of your movements I find beautiful and rhythmic. Not too fast. Not too slow. I do qi gong with you everyday. Thanks for the videos.

  14. Saint Germain

    Jeff – This is the best routine! I love it!! I have been a member of you Qi Gong for Vitality site for 1 1/2 years but I like to check this site because this is where I discovered you and I never know what gems you might post. This routine is one I did for 1/2 hour just now after finding it. I think I have missed maybe 12 days total since I began my practice with you and I am stunned at how many wonderful benefits I have gained. I am sure many people feel the same way. Thank you so much. To anyone considering beginning a qi gong practice, please start today. It helps all aspects of life. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Colin Cleave

    Yes I got that Jeff, I have a bit of a memory problem but that ‘Flowed’ I’m practicing many of your ytube vid. Before I join up… I’m a bit worried about my zero computer skills to follow yr community-chi
    .eg I’ve lost ‘turning the moon’ I wanna check if I’m doing it right… thanks Jeff (and I’m done😆)

  16. Janette Piechota

    Thank you so much for this amazing service you are doing by supporting us with such life changing knowledge. I admire the way how you make Qigong accesible- simple and therefore an opportunity to build a strong foundation. There are so many different movements and especially for people like me who grew up in a totally different tradition this can be overwhelming and prevent consistent practice. Thank you for changing that.

    With all my respect,

  17. Oscar Hermosillo

    Yes, I felt the "Flow " during the practice. I have been following your Qigong vidoes for a month now and the practice has helped alleviate my stress levels immensely. Thank you, Jeff!

  18. richard toni

    Jeff can you please make videos for all stomach issues , gas , IBS etc please

  19. Co Exist

    This is amazing thank you Jeffrey! I lover your videos 🙂 I did it for just that short period of time and I really feel better. I would love to join the free trial but I know that I cant afford to stay. Not yet at least. i hope thats ok with you… Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. JainCK

    Thanks Jeff. This is REALLY great. I'd been struggling with PHN today and saw this email and thought "Yes, I'll get into the flow state. It's fabulous. It's a joy to do and distracts me from the pain.

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