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  1. fngsdy53

    Even the riot police & military and Secret police are here at all checkpoints…

  2. yizheng Chu

    good job

  3. TM Z

    It's spreading

  4. Hxhdndnd

    1 suspect case of the virus in Italy , 1 in France and 4 in Scotland .

  5. ßnz søL

    it's TOO LATE

    many will die

  6. Bitcoin Satan

    Current flu mortality rate is 0.02%. Wuhan virus mortality rate around 4%. This manufactured bioweapon makes the flu look like a day at the beach. Wuhan V. is more transmissible as well. All staff that treated one patient came down with the virus (around 15 people). CDC likely lying about source of virus.

  7. Abmr Music

    This is scary .. End of world is near

  8. Josh Jones

    The 2019-2020 flu has killed 6600 and hospitalized 120,000 in the US.

  9. Henry VIII of England


  10. Zealot Now Chosen

    Is this the beginning of the END, the Bible tells us. Humanity will experience sickness beyond imagination this year? God Bless this Planet and all in danger.

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