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  1. Amsa Sitanggang

    If you donate china dont give it to Xi regime, You have to go there and direct distribute to the people..otherwise the regime will make it as political advantages

  2. MooMoo Cow

    Can a hospital that was built in8 days rlly safe??🤔

  3. Ray Ray

    Hospital yeah we’ll see how many people come back out the other side

  4. Sonny N.

    Where is all the “ Pray for China” posts ?

  5. J knowledgenet

    China all for donations, when they're completely treating they're citizens like rats, they ate stocking everyone in make shift jails and internment camps, not hospitals. Hospital windows aren't barred and they don't have cell doors. This is a humanitarian crisis not a plague

  6. unteroffizier

    8 days only i don't dare to stay. Its not a hospital, a disease containment facility.

  7. Moh Lalam

    C'est pas pire que le VIRUS des religions et les religieux.

  8. bhoomi deva

    Use vibhuti all will be well

  9. Tyler Klein

    Keep the medical supplies for us wtf 🤷‍♀️

  10. Ismail Patel

    Charities run by thieves.

  11. Denise Jones

    FEMA camp much???

  12. Asiancaveman r

    wow! they really can build a new uigher camp that fast i mean hospital

  13. no one listens to lesley


  14. James Thomas

    Fack new news

  15. D'Alene Parole

    It has bars on the windows…

  16. sigma six

    Like they know they released something deadly into their population… I heard there was a military bio-weapons lab in Wuhan… is that true?

  17. Good Servant

    There will be plagues and pestilence in the last days. Wars and rumors of wars. Jesus is the truth and the lord.

  18. Paul M

    Looks like a prison to me fema camp ish

  19. Ami Riegel

    I guess the masks have to be changed every 4 hours

  20. Ricky King stays king

    Good that’s what the Chinese get for eating everything that moves just heard too from someone that in high end places they eat babies 👶

  21. Sanaa

    they have enough money to make detention centres

  22. Your Highness

    Those masks are only good for cutting the lawn.

  23. Mark Cuckerberg

    This was a damn bioweapon

  24. anon

    Is there anywhere Americans can safely donate? (supplies, money, etc.)

  25. אמנון נחשלים

    They will euthanise them there with their RNA vaccines

  26. David Byers

    Thank You . . . The truth Goes Marching On . . . . Warmer you're getting warmer . . . .

  27. Gadamlu

    thats not a hospital. its a concentration camp. the guards have man catchers.

  28. Mo Ela

    Not hospitals. they are quarantines

  29. My Muzzer

    They're supposed to be the biggest economy in the world, and they're asking for donations?

  30. beatleme2

    🕊 pray for china there are videos out there, its bad bad – hope they get the help they need soon

  31. Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    This is worse than the China is letting on.

  32. Gnrl Mtrs

    Does this end America’s debt to China?

  33. Lisa Nelson

    This is amazing! 8 days! Wtg China!

  34. Scott Ritchie

    Donations??? They just dumped trillions of Chinese currency into the markets.

  35. MR564

    If you didn't know , now you know red cross is a scam. It has always been.

  36. PATRfilms

    They are once again asking for our financial support

  37. Jesse James Pogoy

    They spend billions on a military base in spratlys island… but why they need to ask a donation.

  38. Justmyopinionlol

    These are cremation centers not hospitals. Do you think China can just train thousands of nurses and doctors in 10 days? Let China spend all their resources on their own biological weapon accident so they don't spend it on weapons to attack neighboring countries.

  39. O S

    Red Cross is a SCAM!! more like Double Crossed

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